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Job,work,and future developement. All I want to do is inform anybody I can about this training course.

My name is Paul Archer I've been a student for the last 3 monthsof a new course that teaches the tools and the skill's neccesary to succeed as either an affiliate or an advertiser. job,Guest Postingwork,and future developement.  All I wanted to do was inform anybody I can about this course.

  • I Joined ProfitLance in December 06

Because I was online looking for ways to make money.Now I dont know if any of you are like me But I love money it's all I think about.And I hate being poor.So prior to me Finding The Profitlance course I surfed and searched and just looked everywhere however i did find one place that did pay

But they are only limited in resources. (keep in mind that I do work full time in construction)So I kept looking and looking and finaly got tierd of looking and just decided to go with it and whatever I landed on even if it was junk (a make money a home site) I was gonna buy it and prey  I didn't get scamed.

I didn't get scamed but what did happen is I got myself into somthing way deeperI got myself and I am still getting myself an eduation and a affordable one at thatWhen I sighned up with Profitlance they promised that if i wasnt making money in 8 weeks that they would refund my money back.

So you know what happed after about 3 weeks I gave up I felt like i was in over my head there was just so much to learn.I was upset because I was suppost to be making money and I was'nt making any yet. So I wrote the Author of the program Michael Andrews,An email and it shocked me how fast he responded. I let him know how much I thougt of his Course and that I liked it that it is packed with resourcesbut I wasn't making any money and that I wanted a refund. You Know what he did gave me a refund with no problems, and in that email I sent him I asked him if he could give me individual instruction and that I wanted to learn Because even I'm an idiot and I could see the mas potential it has to offer.So you what he did he gave me the refund and let me continue as a student with full access for as long as I needed to learn all the meterial and become successful doing what he teaches.

By him doing that gave me ambition now I have a burning desire to win at this game.(I dont mean to sound corney). But now that Ive started I cant Stop.I'm not rich yet but I am making more and more every day.Have you ever heard of google adsense will if not the program teaches you this.Now my goal is to make 3-400 a day and this is going to take some time but

I see it happening every day and getting closer and closer.Adsense is just one of the ideas he teaches and more of what Ive been studying the most out of.  But I just wanted to helpful to as many people as I can and try to inform the public as much as possible.So please if you thought this was helpful come see all the things Ive been learning. This link will bring you to my blog you can review it or you can go directly to the site. Thanks I hope I was helpful.

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