Stop Being An Ignorant & Broke Affiliate, Learn How To Be A Rich One!

Feb 22




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If you need a straight, no minced words, free article for content, regarding why & what it takes to be successful in an Affiliate program, along with a "Scam Advertisers Blacklistem Forum", feel free to use this article by Mac, titled: Stop Being An Ignorant & Broke Affiliate, Learn How To Be A Rich One!


You have permission to reprint on your web site or in your e-zine. Please insure the following: a) The article is printed in its full form with no changes. b) You include the byline at the end of the article so all affiliates can benefit from the article and the "Blacklist All Crooked Affiliate Programs" discussion & message board. By MacD Nov.20/2004 Home of Trustworthy Money Making Opportunities.Affiliate Programs:As you read on you'll see why a 2 tier system gives everyone involved the same Honest opportunity,Stop Being An Ignorant & Broke Affiliate, Learn How To Be A Rich One! Articles and WHY everyone involved makes MONEY. And the sweet thing about it.. Every individual Affiliate starts building their OWN Independent, Profitable, Private Little Empire...IMMEDIATELY! This is ACCOMPLISHED by Affiliates sticking together. Did you know Affiliates are the Largest Group of workers on the Internet? Let's put that to work for us.Don't be saying - To heck with him, why should he make any Money? That means you don't get it yet. (working together). If you don't want or think, the Affiliate who introduced you to a great Affiliate program you signed up with (their actually your partner) deserves to make any money on your sales, and you figure you can make the same or more without him. "You better think again". If every Affiliate thought like that, it wouldn't be possible for ANY Affiliate in this whole World to make much money. And surprisingly, that's one of the reasons the majority of Affiliates don't make any money. That, along with the dishonest schemes just around every corner. ( More info. on schemes, a list of scam advertisers and a scam forum & message board at )Your forgetting that it takes a whole team. Everyone relying on each other to pull their weight. "Team play is EXTREMELY CRITICAL" (It's the ONLY way you can assure success in an online Affiliate program)If you truly want to make as much money as you possibly can from your Internet marketing, you *MUST* work together with other Internet marketers (Affiliates). PERIOD. No matter what you are trying to "do" with your life, you will excel at a much faster pace by surrounding yourself and learning from others that are also trying to do the same thing.You are reading this because you are trying to make money from home as an Internet marketer. You are trying to build wealth by making money from your efforts on the Internet. You can certainly "go it alone" but if you take advantage of how EASY it is to make friends with other Internet marketers, and then to share in their results and experiences, you will make FIFTY TIMES the amount of money than if you only rely on yourself to build wealth with the Internet.It's tough for a beginner to "pick and choose" an honest program, tougher yet trying to work with a loosing situation constantly in their face. A good Affiliate program will take care of the "pick and choose", then all you have to do is work together. It's quite simple to be doing well as long as your all on the same page. Smart Affiliates actually work WITH & FOR each other, and are achieving their goals. I long for the day when all Affiliates realize that fact.REMEMBERYour Business will grow by everyone being reliable and working together. So, if you still don't get on.It Gets Better: Your sub-affiliates earn the same high commissions YOU DO, selling and promoting the affiliate products. With a sub-affiliate program (two tier), you have the opportunity to recommend the Affiliate Program to your customers, subscribers, visitors, opt-in e-mail list, etc... and recruit an army of sub-affiliates.For each sale that one of your sub-affiliates make, you earn a percentage of your sub-affiliates sale above and beyond the high commission that they're earning! (Your % from your sub-affiliates sales come straight from the owners profit, not from your sub-affiliates earnings.)And this translates into extremely easy residual income straight into your pockets....There's nothing like working from home... More and more people are dropping out of the 9 to 5 rat race to offer services /products from home. They start part-time and grow their business until they can finally quite the daily grind that pays them scarcely enough to make ends meet. And more times than not, it's not enough...Like I mentioned above, Affiliate programs are filled with "get rich quick" schemes. You must consider each opportunity carefully. Anything that offers big money for no work is a scam. Think about it - they wouldn't even need you if that was the case. Now the good news... If you put the effort into building your business, Affiliate programs can make working at home a very effective, justifiable and exceptionally profitable choice.A Comprehensive PlanHaving a comprehensive plan in place from the get-go will help ensure that your affiliate business is built on a solid foundation of loyal customers. With the right approach, you can use a good solid Affiliate program to build lasting relationships with those customers -- AND help them grow their own businesses!The Internet is still young... we have not yet scratched its surface. Start now though, while the opportunities are still great. If you don't take the initiative now, and get started towards the lifestyle you want for yourself / your family...To cut a long story short - If you do NOTHING, wherever your at now, is where you'll always be. I can't predict where your headed, or not headed. But I can say this, DON'T JUST BE A READER - BE A DOER! If you keep repeating actions which fail, you'll continue failing. If what you're doing isn't working well, it's time to change it, to move out of your comfort zone and try something new.However, whatever you do, if you want to start an internet business you have to take action. Remember The Unwritten Affiliate Rule: Successful Affiliates Work With Each Other, Not Against Each Other. We are all working towards the same end.Most Guru's Were Once An Affiliate, Keep That In Mind. Have You Noticed That Group Of Guru's At The Top Today. They STILL Work Together, Everything From J V's To Brainstorming New Product "TOGETHER". They Knew How To Do It Back Then, And Still Do It. We Can Do It Too! If We All Work Together, We Can Be The Next Group Of Guru's At The Top.Please keep this intact, so all Affiliates can learn from the above article, and also take advantage of the "Scam Advertisers Blacklistem Forum & Message Board" to put a stop to working relentlessly and then getting beat out of their "HARD EARNED MONEY"MacD, Author & Webmaster of Home of Trustworthy Money Making Opportunities.*** Be very careful about your promotion program, there are many schemes out there where the program is legit, makes huge money, makes fantastic promises to the Affiliate, But you will never, ever get paid.Their mindset - Get free advertising for your Product, compliments of your friendly Affiliate.I'm an older Affiliate and I'm fed up with it. And I'm doing something about it to help other Affiliates stay clear of these scumbags. Check out the Blacklistem Forum at Copyright MacD, Nov.20/2004