10 Ideas & Strategies for Generating Real Estate Leads for New Agents

Jul 24


Abhishek Shukla

Abhishek Shukla

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The real estate business is not in the favor of what are the thing done by others instead it depends on who includes or introduces some creative ideas on getting good results. If you’re a residential real estate valuation professional or a commercial real estate appraisers, this blog is for you.


We- UCAS real estate appraisers have come up with 10 innovative ideas to get leads.

Website Creation

Website is an address by which one can easily catch up with others. It is the foundation for attracting real estate leads online. It gives you the ability to supply value to your targeted market and create a bonding with your brand. Good real estate valuation services professionals opt for having a website of their own.

Email Newsletter

Start your own email newsletter sharing real estate news,10 Ideas & Strategies for Generating Real Estate Leads for New Agents Articles recent updates, buying tips, investment help, and many more. It's also an excellent opportunity to alert the customers for updates happening around commercial appraisal Toronto.

Blogging on Your Website or As a Guest

The blog is an effective way by which one can advertise and attract customers towards their business. One blog post regarding your business makes a unique step on your targeted market.

Social Media Platforms

Social media has become a family for billions of people. People stay on them from early morning to till going to bed. It has a great influence on every stage of human beings.

It's the right time to get started with real estate digitally by making an account on Facebook, Instagram, and more. Creatively spread your business with engaging content. That will surely attract some leads.

Search Engine Optimization

Every businessman always tries to step their foot in the top position. So they act according to their strategies. SEO strategy helps to find out the best keywords to target, then use them consciously to attract customers.

Only having a website is not enough, you need to be on the top of the search engine for qualified leads.

Video Marketing

One can be very much influenced by seeing the video instead of text and other methods. As a real estate appraisal Ottawa professionals start creating visually appealing videos relevant to their fields. Share those videos on social media platforms for good leads.


Retargeting simply means getting back to the customers who are interested in your services. Keep in touch with your past customers so that they remember your name as commercial appraisal Toronto professionals.

Use of Mobile

Mobile has become the most important thing in every field. Use it for communication and share images, videos with others for leads.


As you start to deal with your customers, don't forget to ask for referrals. Because you can advance your career by creating a trust system in your business.

People are more likely to follow recommendations from people they know than an unnamed review online. So encourage them to share your name and make it easy for good leads.

Influential Marketing

Influencer marketing assists you one step further in getting good leads. You can figure out your targeted market and influence your targeted folks. Also, you can reach a wider audience and enchant more people to your brand.


Actionable methods very much influence your targeted market. Present your business in innovative ways by helping people with the down payment, picking a lender, property listing, and working with real estate agents.

We’re hopeful that, this guide will help in advancing your career as agents or real estate valuation services professionals.

The 10 Most Relevant Strategies for Real Estate Investors

Most people only know about buying and selling when it comes to property. However, there is much in the property dealing that may make you a big investor one day. 

If you’re already into property dealing or real estate valuation services, this blog is for you. We’ll discuss the top 10 relevant strategies for all looking to the best use of the real estate segment. 

Invest in rentable property

Whether it's residential, commercial, or industrial, there is always a high demand for rent. Not always focusing on making use by yourself or selling at a higher rate in the future, you may consider the high rent in the area while putting in money. 

Please note, never miss contacting independent appraisers Ottawa for simple, fuss-free, and best price of the property. 

Invest in highly scalable property

This strategy mostly works in commercial real estate or at the place where demand is high but supply is not up to the mark. It is also called a flipping house where you buy it and sell the property quickly on profit. 

It's high sound risky but when an opt for a property with help from commercial real estate appraisers, it surely brings good return. However, it requires a person to have a long investment horizon. Here, money remains struck or you may say invested in the property for long term let's say 5 to 10 years. 

Up skill yourself

Yes, real estate gives other types of business opportunities with some up skilling, experience, and knowledge. Besides being an investor, you may become a real estate valuation services professionals. 

Invest for BRRRR

This is a good way to earn immediate appreciation along with building a property portfolio. BRRRR means Buy, renovate, rent, refinance, and repeat that works better in case of undervalued property. 

With business acumen and making the best use of your money, you diversify risk and invest in multiple real estate markets. 

Invest in emergency housing accommodation

It is more like low-income housing that is mainly arranged through the local authority housing department. Here you get low but consistent returns with very low risk. 

Become a middleman or wholesaler

In that strategy, you do not own a property but you earn a handsome amount. You do sleuthing for undervalued property and make a profit in between. There is no headache, financing issue and you make quick money. 

Become a real estate agent

If you’re a good salesperson with excellent communication skills, persuasion skills, self-motivation, and multi-tasker, you may choose to become a real estate agent, property manager, rental agent, and more. 

Look for alternatives

The good investor never glues themselves to one segment. You may invest in related fields to diversify the investment portfolio and to reduce the risk percentage. Bullion, share market, commodity, corporate bonds, bank deposits are some other options. 

Turnkey Properties

Turnkey properties are for people with good money and less patience. They search and get it with the help of commercial real estate appraisal Toronto. You buy as-is with the tenants and become an investor with a solid return base in the form of rent. 

Money Lending

It may be called a related activity where you provide money to people looking to invest in property. There is no active role-playing but you get high-interest rates and good control over when and whom to lend the money. 


There is so much to do in real estate based on needs, risk appetite, investment goal, and background. Always get in touch with real estate appraisal Ottawa for knowing the right price before investment. 

10 Easy Ways to Get Your House Ready for an Appraisal

Preparing the house for an appraisal is an easy yet difficult task. How? Because, When you know the ins and outs of residential real estate valuation services, you work on improving things that make the difference. While you remain unfamiliar, the independent appraisers Ottawa does not give the right valuation. Read these 10 things to make your house appraisal ready.

  1. To get the best appraisal you should check every item in your home and ensure they are in working conditions. Get it repaired when not working, or just remove it and store it in some other places. Do not keep non-functioning appliances and other things in the house.  
  2. Spare some time and take a walk around your house. Why? To get some insights about any damages, garbage, and any other things making a dent in your house. Fix all those issues. Consider yourself as an appraiser and take a 360-degree view of your house. 
  3. Keep note of any recent improvements and present that note to the appraisers. New additions in the kitchen, gutter repairing, kitchen remodeling, bathroom up-gradation, or anything else must be presented in front of the appraisers. This way, you make a good impression for better appraisal. 
  4. Do some repaint or any other small things? Ensure your house looks updated when real estate appraisal Ottawa professionals visit it for appraisal. 
  5. Know about your neighborhood. This helps in gauging the right tactics that are working on property appraisers. You also get an idea about prevailing housing prices. Feel free to talk with local real estate agents and gather as much information as possible. 
  6. Just one or two days before the visit, wash the interior and exterior of your house properly. Untidy places are enemies for good value. You can also contact any professional home cleaning agency for that purpose.
  7. Do not forget to point out the important things in your locality such as schools, highways, major markets, religious places, famous monuments, or anything else that is important. It leaves a good mark on them. 
  8. Check your yard, roofs, garage, storehouse, or any places less visited by the family members. Who knows, you cleaned the complete home and appraisers made up their minds to visit the garage. Cleaning should mean complete cleaning of the home. 
  9. Spending some amount on the house upgrades works like an investment. Commercial appraisal Ottawa professionals estimate that, when a house owner upgrades the house, it can fetch up to 25 % more value. There is a $500 rule in the real estate sector. That implies that, do not hesitate to spend up to 500$ on up-gradation before the appraisal. It will give a better return. 
  10. Check the nearby locality and ensure there is proper arrangement nearby your homes. If you are living in a gated society, ensure proper security arrangements at the gate.


A property appraisal is a way for estimating the value by considering recent sales data, and other factors.

A licensed commercial appraisal Toronto comes prepared to your house for appraisal and in the meantime, the flush system of your washroom is not working. What! Imagine which types of impressions they will get about your property. So work on the above-mentioned 10 points, we are sure, you will get a good value from real estate valuation services.

What Are the Things That A Home Appraiser Searches For?

Home appraisers come with a broad view to look at your house for an appraisal. They have long years of experience in assessing the value of properties in various localities. 

If you think, the appraisal only checks the size and overall condition of the house, you are mistaken. They search for approx 10 things in a property. 

Let's jump in to know all of those things.

  1. There is no doubt; the real estate appraiser Montreal checks the general condition of the house. They check the habitability, location, maintenance, broken appliances, damaged places, and other things. It's an overall view of the property that creates a good or bad impression on them. 
  2. Property owners spend a good amount on maintaining the interiors of the home and ignore the exteriors. Industrial real estate appraisers Toronto also checks the exteriors of the house including sliding, roof, stairs, porch, deck, and others. 
  3. Despite being new, some houses do not get good value. Why? Because real estate valuation services professionals also check the design.
  4. Commercial real estate appraisal Toronto takes good time in estimating the house age. Despite providing them with the property paper, they use various methods for finding the right age for the house. 
  5. How can we miss mentioning the home’s interior and any recent improvements in the home? Real estate appraiser Montreal checks the interior wall, flooring, kitchen area, bathroom space, windows, doors, and other places. Seek details from owners about recent improvements to know how the house is cared for by its owners. 
  6. In the past, people preferred big houses with open spaces, but now, the preference has changed. Buyers do not want to spend much on open space and rather focus on the carpet area. So size does matter in the real estate appraisal Ottawa
  7. Water damages the house and no one can deny that. So a appraisers look for water leakage signs in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, storehouse, and other places. Even when they notice moisture on the wall, they reduce the value of the property by some percentage.
  8. It is strange but residential as well as industrial real estate appraisers Toronto check the sign of pest infestations. They check whether the house is safe from termites, rodents, bed bugs, and other pests. 
  9. Location plays a vital role in a good appraisal of real estate valuation services. Houses with the location near markets, highways, major business hubs, hospitals, schools, and police stations get high value. The low crime rate, good basic amenities, and neighborhoods also play a role in deciding the value. 
  10. Safety gets a good score in the home appraisal. It's your responsibility to check smoke alarms, security alarms, motion sensors, carbon monoxide alarms, CCTV, access control systems, and others in working conditions. If your home is not having enough security devices, we suggest you get them installed before going on to the residential real estate valuation process. 


Check the roads near your home, lighting conditions on the street, and other factors before professionals from real estate appraisal Ottawa visit your home for valuations. Now, you have information on, important points noticed by the appraisers. Work on them and you will get a high valuation.