3 Food Businesses You Can Start For Under $10,000

Oct 4


Cash Miller

Cash Miller

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For most people being able to start their own business is a dream come true. But if you want to be in business for yourself you should try to combine doing something you love with your business dreams. Well if you love food then here are 3 businesses you can start for under $10,000 that are all about food.


If you love food and wish you could be your own boss then combining the two could be the right way to go for you. There are many food related businesses you could start if you have the capital. But if you don't happen to have very deep pockets and still want to be an entrepreneur then one of these 3 businesses might be right for you. And the beauty of it is they each cost under $10,000 to get started.

1. Personal Chef: Ah now here is a wonderful way to let your cooking talents flourish. The personal chef biz is a booming trend these days. Especially with channels like the Food Network airing cooking shows all day. People hosting small parties and events want good food for the guests but without all the extras and cost of hiring a full fledged catering business. It's also becoming extremely popular for individuals and families with the money to hire personal chefs as well. Preparing healthy ready to eat meals that people can just heat up can be an excellent way to establish a regular clientele.

2. Romantic Catering: Have you ever wanted to start your own catering business? Catering businesses can often become fairly large operations with a lot of headaches. Which might take you away from what you really want to be doing,3 Food Businesses You Can Start For Under $10,000 Articles cooking. Well romantic catering might be right for you then. Often people like to be able to have a well cooked meal at home during a special occasion. They don't want their privacy to be intruded upon. With this business you have the opportunity to create that experience for others. And it pays well too. Once you've prepared a few of these special evenings you'll have husbands as well as wives knocking down you door.

3. Teaching Cooking Classes: If you really love to cook then you might find inspiration and enjoyment in teaching others how to cook as well. Just because someone watches a cooking show it doesn't mean they can suddenly do more than boil water. But your love of cooking could help others. There are a few options available to get started. Many local colleges offer people the opportunity to teach non credit classes during the summer months. This can be a good way to get the space you need as well as free advertising through the college's class catalog. You can of course teach from your home and you can partner up with someone else in a cooking related business to use their kitchen.

Running your own business should be about doing something you love. But because many people don't necessarily like to cook or have the time you are provided with a business opportunity. In addition many people would like to know how to cook because they cannot. Again more opportunities for you. Either way you're in luck because most people do love food.

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