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Take advantage of our vast experience in building custom-built stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment and facilities in Sharjah, UAE. 

The right choice of work surface material for food preparation areas in commercial kitchens is crucial in order to prevent the growth and spread of harmful bacteria.  Being easy to clean,Guest Posting sterilisable and non porous, stainless steel equipment, such as tables, counter tops, sinks, shelves and stainless steel kitchen units, canopy and hoods are ideal for use in catering, processing, marine and medical industries. 

There are several points to consider when purchasing stainless catering equipment, there can be a lot of difference in the price as well as in the quality of stainless steel kitchen equipment, these 5 points should help you make a better choice:

  1. There are two main grades of stainless steel used in the manufacture of catering equipment. Grade 430 which is the cheaper stainless steel containing chromium and Grade 304 which is more resistant to corrosion, containing both chromium and nickel, this is more expensive.
  2. Another important thing when buying stainless steel sinks and tables is the thickness of the steel. A thin gauge will not be as durable as a thick one. Top end, very heavy stainless steel is 1.5mm thick, the usual thickness for stainless steel tables and sinks is 1.2mm. It is possible to buy 0.9mm stainless steel but obviously this will not have a long life.
  3. The finish of stainless steel is another factor to consider. This makes it easier to keep clean than other finishes.
  4. Weak points can occur in the fabrication of stainless steel kitchen equipment if cheap welding is done. With 304 stainless steel it is important that 304 stainless welding rods are used to avoid the weld becoming a vulnerable area.
  5. Folding stainless steel enhances the strength of the metal and although in the case of pressed sinks, the metal becomes slightly thinner it will actually be stronger.

All Target stainless steel catering equipment is typically manufactured using 304 grade stainless steel sheet as well as 304 grade box section for legs, stands and tie bars.  1.2mm thick stainless steel is used in the construction of tabling, hot cupboards and bespoke stainless steel fabrications.  1.5mm thick stainless steel is used in the construction of sink units and commercial induction worktops. 

Al Mutqan Steel, Sharjah has been supplying custom built stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment to restaurants, bakeries, cafeterias and industrial food facilities for more than a decade.

Take advantage of our vast experience in building custom-built stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment and facilities in Sharjah, UAE. Contact Us Today to discuss your stainless steel commercial equipment needs!

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Al Mutqan Steel, Sharjah has been supplying custom built stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment to restaurants, bakeries, cafeterias and industrial food facilities for more than a decade.

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