7 Tips to Consider Before Installing A Steam Shower

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A popular trend in 2021 is the installation of a steam shower in Canada. With a Steamist steam shower, you can enjoy a custom at-home steam experience without breaking the bank.

A popular trend in 2021 is the installation of a steam shower in Canada. With a Steamist steam shower,Guest Posting you can enjoy a custom at-home steam experience without breaking the bank. The Steamist system makes it affordable to add a touch of luxury to your wellness routine. Here are the seven tips to consider before installing a steam shower in Canada.

Benefits of a Steam Shower

Many Steamist steam shower owners rave about the benefits of regular steam baths sessions on allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. Steam helps to naturally open the airways and improve symptoms associated with nasal and chest congestion. Whether you are recovering from a cold or seasonal allergies, a steam session can help improve your symptoms.

7 Tips To Consider When Buying a Home Steam Shower

1.   The Maximum Ceiling Height is 8 Meters

An ideal steam shower will be a maximum of eight feet in height. If you have a bathroom with a higher ceiling or a vaulted ceiling, you may need a more powerful steam generator to fill the stall.

2.   Seating Matters

The seating you choose for your steam shower will improve comfort for bathers and the versatility of your space. With small Steamist steam showers, we recommend fold-up seats to save on space.

3.   Slip Prevention

Safety is an essential consideration when it comes to a steam shower in Canada. We recommend integrating some sort of slip prevention into your new steam shower. Preventing slipping could include anything from an anti-slip mat to custom tiling to decrease slip risks.

4.   Steam Shower Controls

Your controls are one of the most important parts of your new Steamist steam shower. You will want your steam shower controls to be easily accessible from your shower stall. We recommend placing your controls as closely as possible to any seats inside your steam shower or close to the main door.

5.   Vapour Seal Your Lighting

Interior lights for steam showers should be vapour sealed to prevent the entry of moisture. If water enters a regular light fixture, it can be hazardous. Only vapour sealed lights are safe and approved for use inside of a steam shower in Canada.

6.   Hire an Electrician for Steam Generator Installation

You should consult a certified electrician whenever you are making changes to your home electrical system. This includes the installation of a Steamist steam shower generator.

7.   Use Double-Pane Windows

Some home and cottage steam showers make use of an external window for stunning views. However, always remember to use a double-paned window to ensure there is no heat or water loss.

At SaunaFin, we sell Steamist steam shower systems for installation in homes and cottages across North America. The Steamist system offers the unique opportunity to customize your steam shower experience with aromatherapy, Bluetooth speakers, and mood lighting. Unlike a steam shower at a gym or spa, you can customize your new Steamist steam shower to fit your specific needs. To get started designing a custom steam shower in Canada, contact SaunaFin at 905-738-4017.

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