A business card holder - the mandatory attribute of any business man

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The article is devoted to a business card's holder - such an important and necessary thing for every businessman. It describes the history of this item and gives the advice how to choose the appropriate one.

Any communication of business people implies sharing not only the information about a company or enterprise,Guest Posting but also their own contact data. But if the phone and e-mail address of the person, whom you have been working with, can be made in a notebook, you should not rush to do it with potential business partners. A detailed study of various issues allows you to decide how important the cooperation with certain people could be. And for this, all their details can easily be found on business cards they had left for you.

A couple of business cards can be kept in a pocket of a briefcase or in a purse, but when the number of these small but important pasteboard pieces reaches a few dozen, it is difficult to do without the card holders - a special device to store them.

First business card holders

The first business card holders appeared soon after the wide dissemination of business cards, and it had happened in France during the reign of Louis XIV. Performing a representative function, business cards with a name and family crests of an owner were made not only of expensive paper, but of textiles, glass and even ivory. Such valuable items had to be stored somewhere safely, and the role of the first business card holders carried an exquisite box of gold or silver, adorned with an artsy decoration and semi-precious stones.

Over time, the fashion for business cards had been passing, and appearing again, but at the end of XIX century the role of these cards had changed significantly. At that time business cards were the invariable attribute of all the business people and were sent by mail or by courier, carrying the information about potential customers or business partners. In order not to lose the necessary data, people kept business cards in special albums with leather bound or in desk drawers of metal or wood.

Kinds of business card holders

Business card holders now have become an indispensable attribute of the image of business people. They differ in a variety of shapes and sizes and are functionally divided into the business card holders for your own cards and for others. The first group includes pocket business card holders, cases for business cards and desk card sets. The second one includes stamp-albums for business cards and desk card holders.

Pocket models are small and can hold not so many business cards as it might be needed. They are easy to use at exhibitions, conferences and business meetings. Pocket business card holders are available in the form of elegant boxes, booklets or covers. Boxes are usually made of metal or stone, the material for two other types of pocket business card holders is a high-quality leather or leatherette. Business card holders made of semi-precious stones such as malachite, jasper, dolerite, etc., look especially luxurious and presentable.

Choosing the business card holder

The choice of business card holders should be carried out taking into account the peculiarities and preferences of the person to whom a gift is intended. Large and spacious desk card holders or expensive pocket business card holders are usually required for respectable businessmen. Elegant miniature models are more suitable for women, they are easy to use and do not occupy much space in their purses or briefcases. And, of course, stationary desk business card holders shouldn't be forgot. They can decorate the workplace while fulfilling their primary purpose. Card holders of stone, wood, glass or metal, designed to store your own business cards, will enable business people to provide all contact information to visitors quickly and easily.

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