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Everybody looks at the price of any new equipment piece however, when it comes to hammers, it is suggested to look for the rate of rebuilding and resealing them. Keep it in mind that a few of the more competitively priced hammers had higher repair rates in terms of labor and parts. Always a few hammers need more flow as compared to others for operating correctly. Without enough flow, you will be required with an unproductive, slow hammer as well as plenty of overtime. Similarly, too much flow for the hammer will cause overheating in it as well as the carrier, destructing seal kits in both as well as potentially wrecking the hammer. 




The Hydraulic magnet for excavator,Guest Posting also referred to as the scrapyard magnet at times, is hydraulically linked to the system of the excavator. Wondering what these magnets can be utilized for? Well, they are used for while clearing the site of waste metal or for sorting scrap metal. As far as its benefits are concerned, it connects easily and instantly to the excavator which saves your time and energy. Once you are done with directly linking it with the hydraulic circuit of the excavator, the magnet conveniently hooks onto the attachment boom & is then just push a single button. 


A promise to save both time and resources!

  • This equipment is produced & designed for the steel handling along with to help in the clearing/cleaning of ferrous scrap within the demolition sites besides the recycling yards.
  • Furthermore, make sure to choose the best one among a lot of hydraulic hammer brands out there in the market as these hammers are the least understood, most used machines in the world of heavy equipment. 
  • A single hydraulic hammer can cost a maximum of 20% - 40% more as compared to the carrier it is mounted upon as well as can require 2-3 times the repairs and maintenance over its lifetime. 
  • One of the major things to keep in mind while selecting the hammer is the fact that the piston size will determine how hard the hammer hits. 
  • Never forget that a 5000-pound hammer having the 4-inch diameter bit won’t out-produce a 5000-pound hammer that has the 5.5-inch diameter bit. 
  • When it comes to Hydraulic magnet for excavator, it has its internal electrical generator for the production of electrical energy that is directly mounted upon the magnet’s top plate. 
  • The magnet utilizes integral intrinsic hydraulic control valves that regulate delivered flow & pressure can guarantee efficient and quick functioning of the magnetized plate. 
  • It is directly connected to the excavator hammer circuit avoiding the requirement for the separate electrical generator on the excavator as well as thereby allowing for the usage between multiple machines. 
  • Needless to say, these magnets are your best chance to transform waste into profit and broaden the business. 
  • In case you are planning to get one of the most ideal hydraulic hammer brands for yourself, make sure that it has a design that blends reliability, serviceability, and efficiency.


Choose the right hammer that offers you a brilliant power-to-weight ratio, the special gas-charged piston maximizes the hydraulic hammer efficacy, and the simple design ensures greater credibility along with giving you the availability of a range of tool configurations. If you want, you can also go for the 1-piece special design that removes the requirement for overly heavy mounting brackets and mechanical springs. The complete result is the minimization of the machine wear as well as better operator comfort for improved productivity and reliability. 


What enhances the popularity of an efficient Hydraulic magnet for excavator is the fact that you can conveniently attach it to the hydraulic carrier as well as it is perfect for scrap yards, recycling facilities, and demolition sites. It is the best way to add magnetic lifting ability to the excavators’ fleet. Also, this equipment will assist you to save bucks on downtime and repair as well as will permit you to turn scrap metal into the profitable source of income. 


  • This excavator attachment type comes in the collection of distinctive styles which makes it easy for finding the best magnet for your particular worksite requirements. 
  • Make sure that the chosen premium branded magnet is quite easy-to-operate as well as offers an amazing power level at a pocket-friendly rate. 
  • As far as hydraulic hammer brands are concerned, this product is not meant to have a simple life as occasionally, they have to be re-built. 
  • So choose a well-designed hydraulic hammer that can decrease your spending by a factor of 5-10. 
  • Its potential applications include slag breaking, rock breaking, concrete breaking & recycling, and decreasing oversize material. 
  • An easy to locate as well as control, light-weighted, having the lower risk of the broken drill rode, and more conducive to the excavator should be the characteristics of your picked hammer. 
  • Utilized for demolition, mining, quarry, and construction etc., these hammers can be mounted on every usual hydraulic excavator and mini-excavator as well as other carriers such as backhoe loader, skid steer loader, and telescopic handler etc. 
  • Rebars & scrap metal laying around on the sites can be a security hazard.
  • The steel and iron might cause the flat tires on the truck along with damaging equipment including conveyor belts and crushers and that is why you should have a Hydraulic magnet for excavator
  • With its help, you can collect the scrap metal efficiently and secure both your equipment and workforce. 
  • This way, your site will be cleaner, safe and you will save bucks on repairs and maintenance. 


The heavy-duty magnets are best suited for the demolition or any other application where an instant changing attachment is advantageous. Designed as the demolition and scrap equipment, the flexible ones are good to go for effective usage. Wondering what to keep in mind while purchasing hydraulic hammer brands? For checking the flow needs for every hammer, ensure the fact that it matches your carrier. 





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