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Pendulum Power - by: Joseph Robert Neil james. When a Pendulum was ... to me on 1981.I was ... with its simple Yes and No signal. For many years ... have been used in various ways

Pendulum Power - by: Joseph Robert Neil james.

When a Pendulum was introduced to me on 1981.I was fascinated with its simple Yes and No signal. For many years pendulums have been used in various ways.

During our lifetime we all have ambitions and Goals,Guest Posting which we want to achieve. My short Article will introduce you to a UNIQUE way of working with a pendulum. You will learn, how to Solve Problems and Achieve your Goals, in a simple logical way. It is amazing how much you can learn, from a simple, “Yes” or “No” signal, whilst working with a Pendulum.

A pendulum is a device for communicating with our Sub-conscious. A pendulum is simple to make and easy to use. All you need is a length of chain or string 6" to 9" long. Attach a small weight to the chain or string. You now have a Pendulum. There are several alternatives you may wish to try, such as a rosary, crucifix and chain, or any pendant. They are all suitable.

The pendulum I use today is my front door key attached to a length of chain. My wife’s pendulum is a gold locket and chain, after you make your pendulum, hold the chain or string between your first finger and thumb so the weight hangs freely at waist height. Now ask a question that requires a YES or NO answer. The pendulum will sway from left to right for YES and backwards and forwards for NO. Practice for a while.

Now ask the pendulum to circle clockwise for YES and anti-clockwise for NO or visa versa. Practice for a while until you are comfortable with it and getting the results I have explained. For some people the pendulum performs better when it just sways and for others it performs better when it circles. Choose whichever you feel comfortable with.

When asking questions, start off by asking these questions: Are you my Subconscious? Are you my Advisor? Are you ready to advise me? Should I work with a pendulum? Am I communicating with a superior intelligence? These questions will build a relationship between you and your Advisor. (Subconscious)

I will now introduce you to your Advisor (Your Subconscious). Unlike your Conscious Self, which is your Awareness. Your Advisor is void of any emotions or sensitivity of your body but takes in the same information through your eyes and ears, just as you do. Therefore, your Advisor will always respond with better logic than you do (Conscious self).

Your Advisor is also linked to an intelligence that is beyond our understanding, and from time to time, that intelligence channels information back to our Conscious Self via our Advisor. This information in turn teaches us many things to our advantage.

Even if you don’t communicate with your Advisor, via a pendulum, your Advisor is helping you make decisions minute by minute, every day. That is why we differ from all creatures great and small, we have an Advisor; and they do not.

Before you continue reading, please make sure the pendulum is performing as I have explained. It is important that you recognize the intelligence within your Advisor (subconscious)

We are all computers. As we communicate with each other we program one another. We are all teachers and learners and as we mix with others, we gain our education. As we communicate with each other we learn many things that complement our life style and we gain information, which helps solve our problems. We all have problems and when left unsolved they begin to multiply. Life for us all is full of problems.

Most of us do not know this but our Advisor is there to keep reminding us to solve our problems. When they come up in your thoughts, treat them as urgent and solve them as soon as possible. If you ignore them you will begin to lose control of your life.

At the end of each day make a point of sitting somewhere quiet and think about the happenings of your day. Go over your day within your thoughts and see if there are any problems to be solved. Your Advisor is your own built in friend and companion. It’s this advice you tap into when you solve problems.

Problems usually have several solutions. List the possible solutions and then ask your Advisor via your pendulum to choose for you the most logical answer. If you cannot see a possible answer, just give your Advisor time to work on the problem. If it is a major problem it may take a few days to solve but it will be solved. Believe me. Your Advisor will never let you down. Always use your pendulum to help you solve problems.

If you look up Greed in the dictionary, it says it is Eager desire. We all have eager desires so we are all Greedy. We are designed to be greedy. Please be as greedy as you like but remember these Golden rules: Be considerate of others and never do harm to anyone, and above all be patient with yourself and anyone you associate with. By following these rules you will keep your greed (eager desires) in check.

If you ask a person what he or she wants in life, many will not be able to tell you in detail. But if you ask the same person what they would buy if they won a few million on the lottery, their imagination will run riot and they will produce a list of goals within minutes. That’s a little test that I have give my family and friends in the past, just to find out how greedy they are. Try it with your family and friends. You will be amazed at the result.

Now see what list you produce based on a hypothetical lottery of a million. People put restrictions on their goals because of the lack of money. Write your list in priority order, and you will even surprise yourself with the list you produce.

When you first look at your list of goals you may say to yourself: "There is no way I will achieve these goals". Believe me, you will achieve your goals and achieve them in a logical way. Look at your list daily and if you feel that you should change them, do so. You are now ready to put things into motion.

Now sit in a chair and relax. Go over the happenings of your day within your thoughts, just as you did with problems. As you sit quietly you will begin to want to know answers to questions that begin to appear. Do not forget you must ask questions that require a YES or NO answer. As you ask questions, routes will begin to appear for you to follow. Always ask your Advisor via your pendulum if you should follow a particular route. Your Advisor is there to help you achieve those Goals.

When you go out and meet people, make a point of talking less and listening more. The more you listen to what other people have to say the more you learn to your advantage. Always control conversations by asking questions and when a topic comes up that you are interested in, casually ask questions that are important to your education. You will remember my words when you are in conversation with someone. All kinds of routes will appear if you listen more and talk less.

There were three main goals at the top of my list. The first one was to pay off all my outstanding debts. The second was to stop smoking. I was a heavy smoker, which had caused me concern because of the family budget. The third was to retire as soon as possible. I was 44 years of age at the time.

I soon achieved those goals and have, over the years, achieved many more. Since 1981, my wife and I have purchased five different homes and in August 2000, I eagerly took delivery of a late model Ford Mondeo, 2400cc - 24 valve - T-Bar Automatic. Maroon in colour with black trim.

Now that I’m retired my needs are very few but I still update my list of goals regularly and wait patiently for them to materialize. You now have a golden opportunity to Solve Problems and Achieve your Goals whilst working with a Pendulum ... Just remember these basic rules:-

Consider Others And Be Patient

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