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To avoid a visible panty line many women choose to wear thongs. These are a popular alternative. They are lightweight, elastic, and comfortable. But many women are not comfortable wearing a thong. For them Boyshorts is the next best option.

Women have long sought underwear and lingerie that will not show a panty line. For many,Guest Posting to show a panty line is taboo, or at least poor judgment. For others, a visible panty line is sexy, or at least suggestive.

The term itself is often used as an acronym—VPL. This is said to have roots in barracks humor, where a visible panty line could be quickly pointed out and understood by observers.

For them Boyshorts is the next best option. Hanky Panky offers a number of styles and sizes, making sure that every woman, no matter her size and shape, have a pair that will fit her perfectly. Most Boyshorts are made of light mesh and light elastic trim, with dierre coverage, which prevents panty lines from showing. Most are available in a variety of colors, and are sexy, practical, and comfortable.

Hanky Panky thongs are adored by millions of women, for their super comfortable wide band that does not dig into the thighs and their stretch lace trim (absolutely elastic free). To top it off, the one-size fits all makes it a perfect fit for most women.

But there are still times where the boyshort and the thong just won't do. For example, when you are wearing light colors or lightweight garments. If you're avoiding a visible panty line, then you definitely don't want to be caught with a visible thong under the wrong lighting. By combining slimming properties, avoiding the pantyline altogether, and adding a layer of protection against slightly sheer clothing, Hanky Panky power panties and footless pantyhose are another alternative to avoiding the visible panty line. A solution that most women choose to avoid visible panty lines is to wear a thong. If you choose to go that route, Hanky Panky makes some of the best thongs in the industry.

There you have it. If you are trying to find comfortable and sexy lingerie, without showing a panty line, Hanky Panky products are the way to go.

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