B2B electronic marketplace: it’s time to take b2b marketing to the Upper Level

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What are the most effective Internet marketing ways? How to target an audience better? Are you satisfied with marketing results and what about your B2B online marketing strategy?

According to the interrogation on international B2B portal,Guest Posting conducted in February-March 2009, experts discovered one interesting result: despite of the fact that the Internet became an important part of business life, companies don’t use the full potential of B2B online marketing. It means they don’t take all advantages they could take. There are some differences in the way B2B companies use the Internet for their own needs, such as searching information, and the way they use it for B2B Internet marketing for own promotion.

  • 98% of the companies use the Internet for business every day.
  • 99% have corporate website.
  • 92% are satisfied of the site’s design and usability.
  • 84% are close to be satisfied with visitors’ quantity, but want to increase it.
  • 98% of respondents believe that online marketing is appropriate for business users.
  • 91% of interrogated companies have taken action as result of seeing an offer on B2B electronic marketplace: call, email, order.
  • 93% of the companies expect to use B2B marketplace during the current year to increase wholesales and number of clients.
  • 41% estimate own business as successful despite of crisis.
  • 21% is going to add commercial offer to the TOP.
  • 36% have a deal with foreign companies by using B2B international portal.
  • The most useful sources of getting business information online are Search Engines (51%) and B2B websites (38%).

If to take a look at this situation from the other side we will see that 2% of these companies may have a limited Internet access or don’t think it’s useful in day-by-day work. 1% still don’t even have corporate web site. There are still 8% of respondents who are not satisfied by own web site. In spite of discontent with corporate site attendance, 7% of interrogated companies are not going to register their companies on b2b marketplace even for free. More than a half of respondents can not estimate own business as successful (59%).

Given research shows that many companies in B2B (and not only) sphere may be missing out on the opportunities offered by the B2B Internet marketing.

While B2B online marketing offers the largest turnover increasing of any offline marketing channels, what are the ways which will take your B2B marketing to the upper level?

There is one main error – “Emailing is only one way of Internet marketing we use”.

More than 80% of B2B companies who took part in the interrogated above use direct emailing for promoting wholesale goods and business services. It is no wonder, email dispatch is inexpensive and easy to measure results it brings: per cent of successful and unsuccessful email. The technology of emailing is the same: Searching for the companies who can become a potential client in future by searching engine and send a standard sample of commercial reference: “Dear ___, we are glad to offer you ___” and common background. It seems easy but only before trying to find appropriate clients.

Majority of the companies you emailing to are not your co-audience. Sometimes sales managers just find corporate email and sent a letter without reflecting can this company be your client or not. And there are no high results received from emailing. But it isn’t so bad. The main question is what stops these companies from extending their B2B online marketing campaigns taking into account that they are already using the Internet? Lack of information and high costs, they answered.

Let us doubt both of these arguments.

The first one is information. B2B electronic marketplace, as an example, is one of the well-know Internet marketing ways. These B2B trade platforms can be international or domestic, diversified or highly specialized business portal. The second argument is incorrect too. Simple registration at (even international) electronic marketplaces is free.

Registration on B2B electronic marketplaces, such as TradeDeals, takes your Internet marketing to the next level, upper than simple emailing or banners

B2B international trade platform: YES or NO?

YES number 1 is non-stop marketing. 24 hours per day, 365/366 day per year. Not so bad compare to monthly placing in print edition and its price.

YES number 2 is wide target audience. The Internet has no borders as well as no time limits. In most of the cases, to attract foreign clients it is necessary to write your commercial offers in English. Before registration on B2B electronic marketplace, be sure it has EN language.

YES number 3. Commercial offer on B2B platform works as online exhibition. Good’s photo, corporate logo, detailed description of goods or business services and so-called “cut-away” – all necessary contact information: web site, email, telephone/fax, address if necessary.

YES number 4. Placing on B2B websites is as inexpensive as emailing and more effective than simple dispatch. At least because of a lot of already registered companies from all over the world.

YES number 5 is online partnership. Placing on B2B electronic marketplace is a much better relations building method because it allows the participants to co-operate with others online. Direct reference from an announcement allows your potential clients to learn more information from your corporate web site by simple clicking on it.

And only one NO – if you are ready to leave market.

B2B marketplace is a big benefit for small and middle-sized business especially.

Internet marketing has to be essential part of strategy and the main way of co-operation with your clients. 98% of interrogated companies believe in Internet marketing opportunities and further development. Marketing experts from all the world agree with them. This position is fair for all kind of business, both B2B and B2C, small or huge companies, taking into account that 99% of business segment as well as 1,5 milliard people successfully use the Internet in 2009.

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