Best Guide for Small Moves

Aug 30


Mayank Bisht

Mayank Bisht

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We cannot consider every move a big move. So, for example, when students move into college dorms or PG (paying guests), they don't need a full-service mover. Likewise, if a person is going for small moves, they can use a car instead of hiring movers.


We cannot consider every move a big move. So,Best Guide for Small Moves Articles for example, when students move into college dorms or PG (paying guests), they don't need a full-service mover. Likewise, if a person is going for small moves, they can use a car instead of hiring movers.

This article will help you and provide all information related to small moves

What can be considered a Small Move?

What can be a small move? Maximum of professional movers consider 2,000 lbs shipments as small moves. According to them, it contains a single bedroom flat of shipment items. However, a large amount of shipments is generally above 2,000 lbs. 

Small Moves - Common Examples

Some examples are given below, which will help you understand what is known as a small move.  

  • Moving to college dorms- Leaving home for the first time can be mind-boggling. However, college dorms are the best example of small moves because the number of personal belongings is less. In addition, most dorms already have beds, bookshelf, and desk furniture. Therefore, shipping in dorms is easy, and students don't need to bring luggage.
  • .Studio or single bedroom flat move- If a person is moving to a single bedroom flat or studio, their move is typically called a small move. In this case, small moves are valid if they plan to buy and get delivery of their furniture after moving into their new apartment. Moving in this category means only having to move a small truck worth of personal belongings. New Day Moving can quickly make small moves.
  • You are moving locally to a new neighbourhood- Moving around the same area where you live? Even if you have many personal belongings, your move comes under small moves because moving from one locality to a new place down the street is easy. 
  • Few items move- Small moves sometimes involve moving only one or two items (small or big)—for example, bathtub, wardrobes, beds, piano, pool table, etc. New Day Moving can move these items with special packaging to keep them safe.  

Small Moves - Minimums

The smallest amount charged by movers is known as the minimums. Local companies charge per hour. One example is New Day Moving; they require at least one to a two-hour minimum. So even if your small move takes less than an hour, you have to pay an hourly rate. 

The weight of shipments determines the price for moving long distances. Therefore, if you make a small move like looking for berkeley moving company for small moves, you better go to New Day Moving as they specialise in small moves.  

Easy way to move Small Loads  

  • Labour-only movers

Hiring movers for heavy lifting works is the best way to go for small moves is by hiring movers for heavy lifting works. Local apartment/studio and unique item moves happen more effectively if you hire professional movers. If moving only one or two items, you can hire a speciality moving company (New Day Moving). 

  • Renting Moving Containers 

Moving containers are best for small moves. Generally, moving containers can fit around a room full of belongings or even more. People can select the preferred container size that companies offer them. PODS and U-Pack are the two most reputable moving containers are PODS and U-Pack, used for long-distance moves.   

  • Using personal car  

Maximum times in college dorm move, people use their car because the number of personal belongings is less. If using a car is possible for small moves, we recommend you try this only. It is the chea0pest and easy way to shift personal belongings. 

  • Rental trucks or Cargo Vans

Small truck rentals or cargo vans can be used for small moves. These vehicles can handle one bedroom's worth of belongings. They are cost-effective and ideal for college dorms and studio moves. 

Small Moves - Things you should consider

Before selecting how to shift your items, you should consider many vital points. They are -

  • Condition of things- Be careful when thinking of moving fragile items such mirrors, glass utensils, TVs, PCs, etc. For these, you must hire professionals because they will take your belongings with special packaging. However, this is the best way when shifting fragile items for small moves
  • Time of moving- Knowing when to move is significant because moving can take time. If a person doesn't have enough time, they should do it in intervals by using their means of transport such as a car or cab. 
  • Moving Distance- Distance between old address and new address matters a lot. When going for a long distance, the means of transport and the amount of money differ. 
  • Storage Need- You may need to store your belongings before shifting to your new place. Renting small containers can be very useful during these times.
  • Budget- The final part is your budget. If your budget is low, go for a personal car. And if you have a flexible budget, go for professional movers. 

Hiring Movers - worth it or not?

Small moves like college dorm rooms, one-bedroom flats, etc., using a personal car, moving containers or renting a truck will be the best option. If you are going for professional movers, whatever your moving distance is, the company will take their minimum amount whatever your moving distance. But if you have delicate items, hiring professionals will be the best option for your small move.

Small Moves - How to save money

  • Pack by yourself- It is undoubtedly best if movers pack your stuff, but they will charge for that. Therefore, packing your belongings by yourself is one way to save some money.
  • Friends/ Do yourself- Another good way to save money is to take help from friends or do it yourself.
  • Get rid of items- A good way of saving money is throwing away unwanted items. Donate them or simply toss them away if you don't need them. This way, you can save a lot of packaging money when hiring professionals.
  • Discount advantages- Never forget to grab the best discounts which are available. Movers offer discounts to students, teachers and military members. 


In today's life, everyone is busy with their jobs, business or studies. So taking out time for small moves can be difficult at some point. No worry, professional movers like New Day Moving are there to help you. We hope this article helps you. Good luck with your small move.

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