Chandler Hill: Body Language Can Make or Break Interviews

Sep 13


Sarah Hightower

Sarah Hightower

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What you are saying in a job ... may not be coming out of your mouth. Experts agree that ... elements such as ... posture and eye contact can account for 60 percent of what you're


What you are saying in a job interview may not be coming out of your mouth. Experts agree that non-verbal elements such as appearance,Chandler Hill: Body Language Can Make or Break Interviews Articles posture and eye contact can account for 60 percent of what you're communicating in a job interview.

"Confidence is probably the number one factor that employers are looking for in an interviewee," said Hugh Priddy, senior campaign manager for Chandler Hill Partners, a career advancement and job search firm. "Most people are communicating their confidence more by their body clues than by what they are saying."

Chandler Hill Partners' professional career consultants suggest that jobseekers always present a professional image while interviewing regardless of the nature of the interview. "Unless you are told not to dress formally-a business suit shows your respect for the person to whom you are speaking," said Priddy.

A firm handshake and looking the interviewer in the eye are only the first step in the communication of confidence. An interviewee must be aware of what he or she is doing and be able to listen clearly to the questions being asked. Chandler Hill Partners suggests that jobseekers practice responding to interview questions in front of a mirror or conduct mock interviews in front of a video camera.

"Preparation is the key to winning interviews," said Priddy. "You must be aware of what you are saying, what you are doing and what the person in front of you is asking."

About the Author:
Sarah Hightower is CEO of Chandler Hill Partners, the Nation’s leading career search specialists. For nearly 15 years,Sarah Hightower has been successful in helping mid- to high-level executives and professionals outperform the competition.

Her clients have included executives, managers and support personnel, as well as employees from both public and private sectors across an array of industries.

Her groundbreaking work in the career development field has resulted in targeted, solution-oriented services that deliver the most effective and fastest search cycle times.

Sarah is also the architect and driving force behind Chandler Hill Partners’ community service program “Find Your Future” -- a two part strategy helping motivate high school students to stay invested in their education while helping drop outs to find career opportunities.

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