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Exchanging visiting cards with new people is a corporate courtesy and it sends a special message to the receiver when pulled out from a stylish card holder. Card holders are available in variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

A card holder is a case inside which one can store visiting cards. Business executives who visit different offices for professional reasons exchange lots of visiting cards with people they meet and interact with. Exchanging visiting card with a person is corporate courtesy and that’s why business professionals always carry their visiting cards in their card holders.

A Visiting card contains vital information regarding an individual such as name,Guest Posting address, contact number, professional designation and name of company he/she works which help other to communicate in times of need. Corporate people meet hundreds of individual’s everyday and get their cards but to store so many cards along with the cards of their own, they need spacious holders to hold their cards in. As a card holder is carried either inside the wallet or inside a pocket in the suit it doesn’t need to be very good looking but as one needs to pull it out in public at frequent intervals, therefore the  holder must bear some element making  an impression in the receiver’s mind.

Hence in order to have the first impression fair, one must always look for appealing card holders. There is no need to worry, as they are available in endless varieties. You can opt for a simple but colorful fiber holder or may carry an elegant looking metal holder. Metal holders are the most glamorous of all. They are available in different shapes and sizes. One can have a flat card holder that looks similar to a cigarette case or may opt for a holder with more depth. Flat metal ones are more popular as they are easy to carry. They fit in very easily inside the pocket of your business suit or in your wallet.

If you are fond of leathery shine, you can opt for a leather holder for your business card. With a look similar to leather wallet, leather business card holders certainly make a style statement for one. A holder in shiny black leather can add to your glamour when you bring it out of your pocket, take out your card, and give it to somebody. And if you are giving it to a lady, you can be rest assured of leaving an impression on her mind. Leather holders are more useful than metal holders as they serve two purposes. Apart from storing visiting cards, you can use it as your money bag.

Card holder is now a hot choice among various corporate gift items. Glamorous holders made of leather and metal sell like hot cakes from gift shops. Apart from holders that are carried in pockets, you can gift an item that can be kept on desktop. Fiber-made transparent cardholders look gorgeous on desktops. Business professionals of higher ranks, who do not travel frequently, use such holders to store visiting cards who come to meet them. If you are planning to impress your boss, present him/her with a glamorous glass or fiber-made card holder as a birthday gift. It will surely carve a mark in his heart. If your boss is fond of arts and handicraft, make him/happier with a nicely carved wooden one. You will find them in different designs. The best would be one that looks like a box and contains a separate space for keeping a pen. Some holders include a matching pen, and if your item doesn’t have one, buy a pen and make the ‘gift’ more attractive.

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