Credit Card Purchase Double Charged in Spain

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Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves is pretty sound advice but how often do we follow it ourselves? Huge amounts of money are lost as a result of mistakes made by banks but still we are inclined to gloss over account statements without looking closely to see if all of the payments attributed to us are correct. But what do you if you discover that your bank has made an error?

It is probably fair to say that most of us don't pay as much attention as we ought to when it comes to matters such as financial transactions. However,Guest Posting banks are as capable of making mistakes as any other large organization and it often pays to keep a close eye on financial statements to make sure payments are incorrectly attributed to our accounts. There are many different types of mistake that can be made by a bank.

For example, a couple of months ago, I made a payment using one of my credit cards for this purpose. I subsequently realized that my bank had charged me twice for the same operation which I duly informed them about but, as yet, I have yet to receive a refund of the overcharged amount. What can be done in such situations?

Well, if you have only made a verbal application for a refund, you should send a formal written claim to the complaints department of the bank in question to which they are required to respond within a maximum time period of 2 months.

If they fail to do so or if their response does not satisfy you, the next step would be to file your claim with the Bank of Spain including a copy of the original complaint. Although banks are not obliged to comply with the decisions of the Bank of Spain on such matters, in practice they do. Having reached this point without a satisfactory resolution of the issue, you would need to file a legal suit in the courts.

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