Custom labels for Small Businesses

Jan 11




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A custom label is a piece of paper, clothe, polymer or metal which is fixed or attached to a commodity and represents the information about the compan...

A custom label is a piece of paper,Custom labels for Small Businesses Articles clothe, polymer or metal which is fixed or attached to a commodity and represents the information about the company of the commodity itself. Name tags, product information, address, bar code, advertising warning, pricing, promotional purposes etc are some of the main uses of the custom labels. The most famous and basic types of labels are custom business labels, custom general purpose labels and custom multipurpose labels. Custom labels can be printed on various materials which include paper, vinyl, foil and polypropylene. A company can get its logo or slogan printed on the custom label. Labels can be supplied separately, on a roll or on a sheet, depending on the demand of the company. The more the labels a company gets printed, the cheaper they cost to it. Just like any other product, bulk buying of custom printed labels is economical and cheap too. A label is only considered proper and effective when it can be easily attached to materials such as glass, aluminum, plastic, steel, fiber drum etc. At first, the labels are designed carefully. It depends on the company that what information or graphics they want to get printed on the labels. Second comes the label printing. With the help of Digital Label Printing, the custom labels have entered into a whole new era. Even companies which do not require a large amount of labels can reap the advantages of digital label printing, which cuts the cost of expensive set-ups, and can print as many labels as they want in full colors and enjoy a high quality too. The high-quality four color processes which basically uses the CMYK color model enables to print labels in every commonly used color and shade possible. Other than that, digital label printing is cost effective and Just-In-Time. Another advantage of digital label printing is that the data can be varied easily. If the company is big and demands large quantities of custom labels with high definition colors and shades, the UV Flexography press offers ten colors. Once the printing has been done, the printed labels are cut into proper shapes and sizes according to the demands of the company. Being a custom label, they can be cut or designed in any shape. Getting the labels laminated is also technique to make labels more attractive and attention-seeking. Lamination might be glossy or matte finished.Custom labels can be used to advertise and promote almost any product. They can even be used to spread a simple political message. The use of custom printing labels has made advertising much easier and economical as well. The labels being produced today are so well designed that they have a longer period of life than any other advertising material, and can remain attached for 7-8 years. The custom labels feature is a very flexible and versatile way of promoting a product. Therefore these advantages prove that custom labels are very beneficial and advantageous for any company, in almost every aspect.