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The launch of a three month period moratorium of foreclosures in the state of California has been a cause to the reduction in the number of foreclosure declarations by banks. This has helped lend stability to the markets and it is believed that Sacramento foreclosures will experience new developments of bank foreclosures in June this year.

Much as Sacramento Foreclosures have been rising rapidly in the last year,Guest Posting in January, 2008 the 4.5 % of total houses in Sacramento had been foreclosed. City foreclosures have been contributing high rate of foreclosures to help put California at the number one spot in the whole country. Sacramento foreclosures themselves rank at sixth position among other counties in the state of California.
Recent reports state that a 67% growth was seen in February, 2009 compared to the previous month. However, sale of foreclosures has been rising since January, 2009. Many reports on loan defaults are misleading and tend to inflate the statistics of foreclosures. Therefore, what would be a single foreclosure on a single home would be counted as two foreclosures when reporting one foreclosure as on the mortgage and another on the equity value of the property.
Sacramento has been held as a possible model of market recovery. A rising trend in the sales of foreclosures has been providing great relief to the state contributions of the national crisis. As the crisis of foreclosures spikes and spreads, you can note some telltale factors that are actually the cause. There are many borrowers with an adequate credit standing who still list high on the listing of Sacramento foreclosures. Some reasons being:
•    Loss of jobs and cuts in salaries contribute mainly to reasons of default and leading to foreclosures
•    People with bad credit being given loans with adjustable risky rates has led to their defaulting and being served foreclosure notices
•    Most buyers are not aware of the filing procedure in foreclosures and more often miss the opportunity when they fail to make note of when the property becomes available on foreclosure
•    The procedure consists of notice of default, followed by auction sales. Subsequently banks take over and repossess the properties. A single property can come into all these stages during a foreclosure process causing delays.
This trend in Sacramento foreclosures is expected to go on till end of next year which will be about 6 months after unemployment reaches a peak. Unemployment is expected to reach its highest by mid-year 2010. Thereafter, Sacramento foreclosures may start falling after a period of six months. There have however, still been a high numbers of foreclosures in Sacramento. As a matter of fact, this has been the reason for falling prices of homes. A great many people who have not been able to acquire a home till now are finding it easy to become buyers the first time around.

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