F63 Treadmill 2011, led the top ten boutique brand treadmill

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Treadmill is currently the market-selling fitness equipment aerobic exercise,Guest Posting the utilization rate in first place. As people's awareness of health, fitness increased demand, more and more families treadmill welcome. 2012,Nike Free 3.0 in front, I believe many fans of the 2011 treadmill treadmill is very interested in selling.Yet the body has become the most professional network sports sales and service platform of health,Nike Free Run Cheap yet the body is not only a brand agents, channel suppliers, but also the platform operator, without a doubt still the body has become the industry's most dazzling star. As the fish treadmill on the market, the market is very confusing, yet physical network all factors into account, the decision based on their Taobao, distributors, sales of shopping centers Jingdong debut top quality treadmill and hope that this ranking can industry and consumers with information.Physical network is still based on the current treadmill of price, features, levels, etc., still body 2011 for the domestic market selling quality treadmill for sales analysis, the physical network is still the top ten best-selling brands in 2011 ranked quality treadmill, sole-speed Seoul F63 led the top ten best-selling 2011 quality treadmill.SOLE Azores F63 treadmill, with its unique competitive advantage, as is still the largest body of net sales in 2011, most fitness enthusiasts of a treadmill. SOLE Azores F63 treadmill in the United States in 2011 "BEST BUY" ranked first home treadmill brand, priced at 1 million, and the same price compared to other brands of treadmills, F63 treadmill is the price the highest product, the product is one of the largest selling SOLE, which 2W hi-fi with a treadmill and two aerobic fan and TPR using three-dimensional plastic buttons. 2W hi-fi entertainment to enhance the fitness, easy-to-user's insistence, to facilitate the movement to achieve better results; high-power dual-fan design is to make running head to the wind when there is a real outdoor experience, in the cool At the same time, they can still be indoor air circulation, increasing oxygen intake runners to enhance the effect of aerobic exercise to help fitness good heat dissipation, so that health consumers to enjoy outdoor fitness experience; TPR-dimensional plastic buttons, beautiful , environmental protection, soft touch, to enhance the aesthetic value of the operation panel, making the appearance look very elegant, to bring fitness to enjoy the new touch, is more durable than other keys.In addition to Seoul Sole F63 treadmill speed, body network is still the best-selling 2011 release of the other nine treadmills were Seoul Sole F80 treadmill speed, Sole F60 treadmill Azores, DYACO Dai Yu ST710 treadmill, DYACO Dai Yu ST620 running machine, DYACO Dai Yu ST-830A / D treadmills, Sole TT8 treadmill Azores, BH Bi Aiqi F3 treadmill, BH Bi Aiqi G6493C BH Bi Aiqi G637C treadmill and the treadmill. It can be seen, sole treadmill still occupy the body of the top ten best-selling 2011 network quality treadmill's top three, while sole is the largest treadmill brands top the popular list because, with other brands of fitness equipment compared, SOLE has a unique competitive advantage. SOLE Product design is very classic, pay attention to every detail, striving for perfection, uniform style, classic design, allow the equipment to a separate faction, and the SOLE cost is very high. It is with these advantages, making the sole from the Sporting Goods Fair in Chengdu in 2011, after a few months in time, rapid development in China, occupying a lot of fitness equipment market share in China by consumers, become a leader in home treadmill. Of course List for DYACO, century-old brand in Spain and Europe BH treadmill fitness enthusiasts are also very welcome, the quality is very good.

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