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Do you often wonder how you make your hookah smoke thicker? Then you must get rid of all your old methods and adopt some new techniques. These will surely give you wise ideas on getting thicker smoke. For any hookah smoker, making thicker and bigger clouds is usual; you have to try until you succeed. The immense joy you will get by executing the possible thickest smoke.

So,Guest Posting today we will focus on some tried and tested methods to get the satisfying smoke. You can get a real buzz by adopting al fakher flavour– one of the best hookah tobacco flavors that executes inventive solutions. 

Check your setup and proceed

The most common questions exist among hookah people – the solution to get thicker smoke. Without dense smoke, your smoking will become incomplete. But do you know that hookah is a great thing that needs a great setup? Without a proper setup, you can't execute a single session, so setting up the hookah finely is the most foremost thing to do. If you ask yourself how to maximize the smoke, you can get your answer within your dedication to preparing and executing hookah.

I want to make sure that your hookah is capable enough to produce the thick smoke in the correct form. You have to assure yourself that your hookah must be in the proper form that there are no air leaks present nor any airflow issues you could witness. If you are a beginner and executing hookah set up the first time, you need to go through our other blogs that give you insight into how to set up the hookah! You can also research to get the right idea before establishing your first hookah setup if you also desire to have a thicker smoke.

Suppose you are having trouble setting up your hookah or facing such problems regarding some hookah leaking solution. In that case, you have to be proactive and take some more initiative to talk with the customer service team from where your hookah has been delivered; you might get the most straightforward resolution by discussing the issues. They could get the solution and diagnose the issues related to your hookah.

Hookah smoking creation

Smoking hookah is such a bliss, but when you have such major problems, hookah leaking, and another setup – remember the time has come to reinvent your hookah setup and get rid of your old methods. Your first and foremost task will be to adopt inventive hookah tobacco – and for this, you need to trust in al fakher flavors. Tobacco plays an integral role in hookah setup, so whenever you search for the greatest flavors to establish a new hookah session, don't forget that there are al fakher flavours – one of the most prominent tobacco that ensures a great session ahead.

Also, smoking depends on two other vital pieces at the top of your hookah: hookah bowl, shisha tobacco, and hookah charcoal.

These combinations are crucial to have a satisfying smoke and have a great smoke output of your hookah that ensures an excellent quality session!

Well, everyone has their personal preference regarding the bowl, tobacco, and coals. But you have to go deep-down research to know the best offerings from the hookah industry and then only decide. Because opting for the great ingredients would be the wisest decision to execute a fruitful session, and as a result, you will get a thicker and bigger smoke. Good charcoal are useful elements for developing the smoke that comes with a suitable packing method of the tobacco, an open airflow through your bowl into the hookah. These crucial things are solely responsible for creating excellent clouds no matter what type of hookah you are working with.

Many prominent brands have captured the market by making hookahs, bowls, hoses, and tobacco options. A few years ago, coconut coals did not even exist. It was more straightforward for beginners to choose the best among a few of the options. But today, as the day passes on, it is getting more complicated and challenging to navigate the way to choose the perfect ingredients for your first setup. Also, people are fond of inventing new techniques and things related to hookah to explore the flavors and inventions. It certainly helps to get the knowledge. Some tobaccos are great for making thick smoke, whereas others sometimes fail to produce that. Al Fakher flavors - is the substance that deeply indulges into the prime features to make it more robust and fruitful for hookah smokers.

As I have said, a suitable packing method is always essential to enhance a good smoke and execute a good session; let's glance at a few most renowned and authentic bowl packing methods that work really well for a pretty much easy setup.

The Fluff Pack

Fluff pack is the most common shisha packing technique that works great and blends well with blonde leaf shisha brands such as Starbuzz, Al Fakher flavours, Fumari, Fantasia, and Social Smoke. Hookah enthusiasts used to test these brands when they desired hookah sessions.

You have to be careful when you are using this specific fluff pack. You need to lightly sprinkle the shisha into your bowl, and you must fill your bowl up to the rim line. During the time, don't use much force or pressure when placing the shisha into the bowl; you just handle it lightly and allow for a light and fluffy consistency. This fluffy shisha allows the heat to pass through easily to deliver nice clouds quickly.

The Dense Pack

Dense pack is best when you are opting for dark leaf tobacco. Many smokers choose dark leaf over blonde leaf; take the example of Tangiers shisha. Also, starbuzz vintage or trifecta dark tobacco – these specific tobaccos are perfect for applying with dense packs. If you are a beginner again or attempting it for the first time, make sure that your shisha is working well, and you need to handle it carefully. Experts say that this method is appropriate for a phunnel style bowl or a vortex bowl. The pressure that is applied to the tobacco demands proper air channels and contains air holes. You can try this with an Egyptian bowl as well.

The Over Pack

The overpack method works perfectly on every bowl and is suitable for all types of tobacco blends. The Overpack method is also appropriate to achieve great smoke. Suppose you try this with al fakher flavor. You could probably witness the most incredible buzz. Overpack is quite similar to a fluff pack and perfect for those smokers who want to have some high heat during the session. The most common brand that experts usually recommend is Haze tobacco – this is the perfect tobacco that goes with the pack well.

You have to handle the overpack a little carefully. You have to reach to the rim of the bowl and spread the shisha with your fingers in the rim of the bowl.

Now, the question is, does the big hookah smoke better than a small one?

The answer can be both 'yes' or 'no.' Larger hookahs often smoke better than smaller hookahs due to the more elongated shaft – the particular thing lets you allow more smoke time. But, at the same time, the smoke density of a hookah depends on the tobacco. Numerous researches and tests were performed to get the most significant result on having dense smoke. You will eventually notice a subtle difference if you choose a small hookah and a large one. Comparing two hookahs are closer in size, and the difference is often imperceptible. Of course, tobacco is responsible, but a larger hookah base is compelled on having a great smoke.

Al Fakher tobacco flavors work best to create a great smoke that you could enjoy till the end of your session! However, hookah bases work as an integral part of creating dense smoke. Some people compromise on choosing a small hookah base just for portability and convenience. Hookah smoke is better than others.

Preferring milk is a great option to smoke thicker?

Well, this a million-dollar question; whereas water is the most common liquid for hookah base, milk holds the same ratio almost. Hookah base is one of the most adjustable segments that you can experiment with anything, so if we are talking about liquids, you can try any liquids to execute the hookah session. If you want to increase the hookah smoke and make it in a thicker version, coffee or milk can be a great option. But our hookah session will be more enjoyable when you add the ice to it.

Bottom Line

If you are a dedicated hookah smoker and invent new things, you must opt for the "Yeti" approach. This is mainly for those who really want to experiment with several methods of hookah sessions. The entire process depends on how much ice you put in the base and how thicker your smoke can be. Also, don't forget to make your session memorable with al fakher flavors!

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