Granite Countertops Best Choice for Kitchens

Dec 17


Anamika Swami

Anamika Swami

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Due to its unique and incomparable features, granite countertops are chosen by most of the architects and home makers for enhancing their kitchens and homes.

Granite is one of the hardest and most expensive stone that is used as countertops in many of the modern homes today. Most of the people prefer to install granite countertops as it exudes an aesthetic appeal that is seldom found in other countertops. In the earlier days,Granite Countertops Best Choice for Kitchens Articles granite was used to construct temples and monuments and it was seldom used in homes as it was an expensive stone. Gradually, the use of this exquisite stone increased manifold and people began to experiment its use as countertops. Today granite countertops are more popular than any other material because it has a number of advantageous features. Granite Countertops- Basic BenefitsThere are basically many reasons why granite countertops are more preferred by people even though it is a bit expensive compared to the other countertop materials. Some of the reasons include:Variety of designs and colors: a variety of attractive designs and colors can be obtained among countertops made of granite. Some of the most popular colors include black, red, green, blue, brown and beige. Most of the interior designers opt for beige and brown tones as it compliments well with the décor of the kitchen. A variety of designs can also be obtained among granite countertops. Strong and durable: these countertops are strong and last for an entire lifetime. Resistant to scratch and bacteria: this is one of the main reasons why people prefer granite countertops. It is non porous and therefore does not retain any kind of bacteria. Since it is the toughest stone next to diamond, it is scratch free and heat resistant. Unique: each and every stone is unique with different patterns. There are stones with different patterns including swirls, veins and specks. No two countertops will ever be alike. Easy to clean and maintain: as these countertops do not retain any type of bacteria and germs, it is easy to clean and maintain. It does not react with acid nor does it retain any type of stain. Appears new for many years: it is also known to retain its glow and shine for many years, making it the best choice for countertops in kitchens. Increases home value: installation of these countertops also increases the home value as it adds to the décor of your home. Care for Your Granite CountertopsEven though it is easy to clean and maintain these countertops, routine cleaning will help to retain its beauty forever. These countertops should also be sealed using a natural stone sealer. Washing soaps or detergents can be used to clean them thoroughly. There are many cleaning products specially manufactured for cleaning such stones. Since these stones are widely used these days as kitchen countertops, you can easily find a number of granite countertops manufacturers listed in the online web directories. Most of these manufacturers supply a diverse variety of products at affordable rates.   

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