Greek letter shirts – A Symbolic Representation of Greek culture

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No Double Lettering – A superstition

Joining the Greek system and the Greek fraternity is made easier and more fun with Greek fraternity shirts. It provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of fellow Greeks. One important aspect of Greek apparel is the way you wear Greek letter shirts. While wearing such clothes,Guest Posting you must remember not to double the letter. It is a kind of superstition among the Greeks and a kind of law. The idea is that you wear only a single item that has Greek lettering on it at a time. That is to say, you should not be wearing a Greek sweatshirt with lettering and underneath it a Greek polo shirt as well.

Celebrating your sorority

When you enter the Greek fraternity or sorority, you can celebrate the entry into this society by wearing different types of Greek letter shirts and Greek cardigans and other such Greek gear. The society’s name is usually made up of Greek letters that represent a motto or a cause or are related to its history and so on. Such Greek letter shirts have these letters printed on them signifying several Greek symbols and rituals that are an integral part of the Greek society, their songs and so on. The members of the Greek fraternity or sorority are very proud of their membership in this kind of society and would love to sport Green apparel with Greek letters on them, such as Greek letter shirts.

Apparel with Lettering

However, some of the societies have rules regarding the Greek letter shirts, such as a member consuming alcohol is not allowed to wear the lettered shirts, as they consider it a mark of disrespect. Many types of Greek gear can be customized with the Greek letters, apart from T shirts, such as jewelry and stickers. There are also many towels and other items that can have Greek lettering on them. Many of the senior members of such sororities also hand down their Greek apparel with lettering to the newer members and there is usually a lot of competition for such stuff that has been passed down for many years.

Many of the Greek societies also have specific symbols and emblems that are symbolic of their fraternity and these can also be customized in the Greek letter shirts. It has also become very popular for non members as well to sport such kind of Greek gear, such as pins and badges. By sporting such Greek fraternity shirts, you can have a distinct identity. Later on in life, such Greek cardigans and clothes will remind you of your student days.

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