How Network Marketing and MLM Have Changed in the Last 20 Years

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Many things have changed in the last 20 years, and the way we build and grow our network marketing and MLM business is no exception. This article highlights the one thing we always need to do in order to remain successful in changing times.

The way we do many things has changed in the last 20 years,Guest Posting and the way we build and grow our network marketing and MLM business is no exception. Expanding technology has given us the ability to reach many more home business seekers than ever before.

Home based business startups are on the rise. Working and making money from home is no longer a privilege reserved for a select few. Opportunity abounds today for anyone willing to take a chance and make a commitment.

One thing that has changed dramatically in network marketing and MLM is the ability of anyone to be introduced to multiple opportunities in a very short period of time. This has presented challenges for all of us who work hard to build strong and successful businesses.

For example, 20 years ago the MLM and network marketing world consisted mostly of local groups which were typically built around in-home meetings and presentations. Larger MLM upline organizations often rented hotel meeting rooms to conduct presentations and training for local distributors and prospects.

In that day, a person signing up had a reasonable chance of staying focused, and feeling a part of something. The local meetings and get-togethers, while sometime inconvenient, did serve a purpose. They helped to build a cohesiveness and loyalty in that group. The odds of being quickly tempted into some other deal in those days was less.

Fast forward to 2009. With modern technology that delivers recruiting pitches online 24 hours a day, it's more difficult for new network marketing distributors to stay focused during the early stages of their business.

Unless there is a strong relationship between the new distributor and their sponsor, it can be very easy to get distracted and move to something else. If there is not enough profit made early on to provide encouragement and momentum, it can serve as justification for moving to something else before anything much has a chance to happen.

When else in time has it been possible for a prospect to sign up with us, then be bombarded with pitches for other deals constantly from that day forward, just by being online?

As network marketing sponsors, what does this mean to us? It means we have to make the effort to develop a good relationship with our new downline team members early on. We need to help them start making money as quickly as possible.

This can be a bit more challenging when the new associate lives hundreds of miles away. Challenging, but still doable.

In 2009, let's all remember one of the major keys to success in network marketing and MLM - developing relationships and friendships. This has always been important, but these days it is really crucial. Our new associates have lots of choices and it's very easy for them to get information on demand.

Let's take care of our new people and help them get started right.

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