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How to be a good communicator and how to make the most
of your relationships:

*Be interested in other people - show that you are by asking
questions (but don't be insincere or hypocritical - nice word).
Not mundane comments about the weather. Say something
interesting like: "How's the back yard?" Be tactful.

* Be punctual - this shows you are responsible,Guest Posting courteous
and respectful of other's time.

* Enjoy other people's company and have FUN.

* Tell the good news (without being a "Bible-basher").
Be positive and other people will enjoy your company.

* Be decisive - this projects confidence.

* Like yourself and be positive about your life. Doing this will
draw others towards you.

* Keep your sense of humour. Hope you've still got one after
reading all this!

* Tell people what you like about them - without embarassing

* Be realistic in your goals, plans and desires.

* Look at people, when you talk to them.

* Spend time alone with your partner. Go on walks together.
If you are not in a close relationship, discuss what's happening
in your life from time to time with a close friend. If like me,
you don't have one, join "rent-a-friend".

* Give and take in your relationships.

* Smile often (not inanely).

* Respect people (for what they are).

* Recognise that right and wrong are never black and white.
There are always three sides to any story: your side, the
other person's...and the TRUTH.

* Try to put yourself in the other person's shoes (only if they
fit you). I like walking a mile in another man's shoes. By the
time he finds out, I'm a mile away and I've got his shoes!

* Watch, wait and listen when developing relationships

* Be assertive, but cautious

* Don't gossip, backbite and backstab

* Personal INTEGRITY is crucial at ALL TIMES. Be true to your
values and beliefs...

and most importantly,


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