How to Order Custom Invitations

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What are the proper ways to order custom invitations for your business

Invitation printing can really be done in one way,Guest Posting and that is through customization. When you print invitations for whatever event, it is always necessary to have a uniquely designed invitation so that people can distinctly remember it and the event as well.

If you want to print or order your own custom invitations, here are the steps on how to create and order custom designs for invitation printing.

1. Prepare – The first thing that you should do is to prepare and finalize your details and facts first. One of the big mistakes in envelope printing is to make mistakes in the specific details and facts about the even that is being advertised. So make sure that you know all the FINAL details and facts about the event. Collect all the information that you need in a piece of paper or note, so that you have a master data sheet. You can type all the information down so that it will be easier to work with later.

2. Themes – Next, with the details gathered, you must already decide on the theme of the event. The theme of the event will basically determine the theme of the invitation as well. This is important in invitation printing since this will be the key factor for the layout, images and overall style of the content. So collaborate with the all the organizers and principal people of the event and decide on the theme that will be integrated with the invitation design.

3. Printing resources – Once you have an idea that you want to create, it is time to research on a place or business where you can order your custom invitations. Use the Internet or the yellow pages and search for an invitation printing service that suits your budget and preferences. Ask for printing quotes for the different kinds of invitation printing options. Try to look at sample prints, and see if their printing process is easy to follow from your perspective.

4. Invitation Design – Once you have a choice for the invitation printer, you must now create your invitation design itself. If you are creative enough, you can probably create a custom invitation design yourself using common publishing tools like Microsoft Publisher or image applications like Adobe Photoshop. If, however, you lack in the arts department, you can hire a separate custom envelope designer and just tell him or her how your design should be like. Regardless of the author of the design though, your end product should be a digital file layout for your custom invitation.

5. Send the design – Once you have the design ready, it should be time to send it. Remember to have it in a file format that your invitation printing service can readily use. Usually image formats like JPG and PNG are enough for printing as long as they have high resolutions. Of course, proper document formats for applications like Publisher and Photoshop are also welcome. Simply send these documents via email or website upload to your printer and you should be all set for printing.

6. Samples and review – However, before you go all out, ask your invitation printer to print a sample of your custom invitation for review. Watch for typographical errors and design mistakes. Make corrections if needed and once all is perfect send the design again for the final production.

7. Final production – Once the final production commences, all you have to do is wait. Make sure that you have set the schedule of delivery early enough so that you can send your invitations as soon as possible so that people can make plans to attend your event.

Those are the seven simple steps in ordering custom invitations. Just follow this step-by-step process and you will not experience any trouble having nice and high quality invitations to use in your events.

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