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The need for detailed and complicated prints on garments and other advancements in technology has shifted the industry from traditional embroidery to more complex designs with vibrant colors. The DTG printer makes this possible along with quick delivery of high-quality print works.

All of us love the beautiful designs,Guest Posting colors, and aesthetics of our clothes, don’t we? But getting those vibrant colors and patterns on the otherwise plain piece of cloth is not an easy task. It demands the collective creative ambience of many weavers working behind it and the use of chemical colors. But now the scenario has changed, with the help of DTG or direct to garment printers, it is possible to print practically anything on earth on your cloth, with just a simple button press.

What is DTG printing:

This is an era of digitalization and the trend has not failed to impress the garment industry as well. The innovative DTG printers are capable of bringing about a myriad of colors on garments that sustains without fading for a long time. Such an approach also speeds up the production of garments, while concurrently enhancing the range of print colors and reducing maintenance cost.

These printers are capable of printing on all types of fabrics, in dark and light colors. And they ensure non-stop production with their ink re-circulation techniques, thereby reducing workload and the production time of garment manufacturers. These printers have a large printing area, covering a huge segment of the garment with designs at a single time. Also, they can work on many printable substrates such as Silk, leather, denim, cotton, polyester, cotton-polyester blends, wool, viscose, etc.

These printers make use of a direct ink tank system which is far better than traditional cartridges, helping to prevent drying of ink and saving ink costs. Theyhave indeed transformed the T-shirt printing industry with the superior build quality and robust designs.

Benefits of using DTG printers in the garment industry:

The inherent benefits of using direct to garment printers in the field of garment production are as follows.

Clear and beautiful prints: The DTG printers are considered a benchmark for print quality. The garments are printed with the help of high definition print head technology with print resolutions of about 1440 dpi. These printers also ensure that the line art is clean and sharp, leaving the garment with stunning designs.

Faster printing: These printers are capable of chunking out finished product at thrice the speed of manual or machine printing.

Simultaneous highlight coloring: The DTG printers are capable of printing both color images and high-quality highlight white colors simultaneously, thus reducing overall print time substantially.

Quicker garment loading time: These printers decrease the time it takes to load garments, as it makes use of quick load grips, in place of traditional platen hoops.

Software-based printing: Most of the modern printers come with RIP software that renders more control over overprinting. The software also has options to include white ink under base for dark garments, color matching, image placement, calculation on ink use, etc.

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