Lifting Magnets – Choose the Right One as Per Industrial Requirement and Lifting Capacity

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There are different models of lifting magnets that you can choose as per your industrial requirements from a reliable and reputed manufacturer. They come with different load lifting capacity.

An electromagnet device – designed to pick up or lift metal objects in safe and secure mode,Guest Posting a lifting magnet is the basic need of different industries and applications. They are available in different sizes and designs as per the load lifting capacity. As far as larger lifting magnets are concerned, they are operated hung from a chain on a crane – able to dangle the magnet into the location necessary to retrieve the desired objects. This type of magnet can be used for various purposes like automobile junking, construction, demolition and cleanup. Some of them are designed to weighing several tons. Their use is also common to retrieve metal shards from a construction site that can help prevent injury and damage to vehicle tires. They are divided into different categories that include Permanent lifting magnets and electro permanent lifting magnets. You have to choose the right one or more as per your industrial requirements.

Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets or EPLM – Using Electricity for Less than One Second to Switch On or Off

Electro permanent lifting magnets or EPLM are the latest lifting magnets using electricity for less than one second to either switch on or switch off the magnetic power of the magnets. There is no need of electrical power at the time of holding loads or in case of power supply failure from mains line. Such types of lifting magnets have the capacity of lifting a good weight. Not to mention different types of electrical power to activate EPLM that includes battery activated and mains electricity activated. Different features are associated with different models and types.

Manufacturing units of such lifting devices have team of engineers and experts who design, manufacture and distribute lifting magnets according to the ASME standards for wide range of applications by using permanent, electro-permanent and electro-magnetic technologies. Engineers, for the duration of such systems manufacturing, strive to produce powerful, versatile, safe and easy to use lifting magnets with some added features and technical specifications.

What Makes Lifting Magnets Ideal to Use

Lifting Capacity is the main thing and kept in mind at the time of choosing a new range of such device. Depending on your requirement, these lifting magnets have capacity to lift from 330 lbs to 22000 lbs and sometimes more for flat and round loads that include plates, slabs, billets, tubes and a lot more. Not to mention safe lifting as some of the special lifting magnets are built in a sturdy construction; while they have a good ratio in safety factor. Before delivering to end-users for specifying lifting purpose, they are tested for break off force before shipped. Not to mention unique serial number and test report that is offered with each lifting magnet. Some manufacturers also discuss with customers after receiving their query about the loads to be lifted to accurately determine the correct lifting magnets.

Choice is yours; you have to drop a query or contact via any convenient mode of communication to choose the new range of lifting magnets.

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