MLM Training- Are You working an 8 track Business in an IPOD World?

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Many people today are working their home business as if they were in the 70's and listening to 8 track tapes for music. Are you doing this unknowingly? Or have you moved up to IPOD network Marketing? Read on!

For MLM and Network Marketing -Remember the 8 track?

Ok..some of you do not. But a lot of us do as it was the rage at one time. Everyone had a honking big 8 track player.

But then...came the cassette. And that totally changed everything.

And then came the DAT tape. That changed how their music was heard and improved quality.

THEN...came the CD! This revolutionized the sound quality and the portability of the music you listened to.

But then--taa daaaaaa! Cam the mp3! THAT was rocking hot and changed how we listened to our audios and music. And yes,Guest Posting folks like napster showed up and kind of muddied the waters.

And NOW- comes the IPOD from Apple. You can listen to what you want by transferring it to your IPOD and bam! You are now a one person music machine.

And you know...if all of us stuck with the 8 track recorder today, we would be MISSING out on much better quality of music and a much netter delivery system of audio. THAT would be ridiculous would it not?

Well...I have some not so good news for the most of the industry.

Most distributors and consultants in Network Marketing are working their business with an 8 track focus in an IPOD world.


By not changing and engaging the Social Media and New Marketing strategies that are so powerful today. Less than 5 % of the industry are working actively social media like they need to be doing. Nothing wrong with doing three ways, and in home meetings, and hotel meetings. They do work- but not as powerfully as they used to.

Things have changed.

You MUST start looking towards a social media presence as that is where people -who are looking for YOU- are located and it is growing bigger everyday.

You need to start learning how to do social marketing with your home business and how to engage it with the right strategies and focus. Yes, we can teach you how, but there are some GREAT trainings out on the web as well. We have literally hundreds of trainings on this social media topic.


The timing and power of what social media can do for your business.

THIS is a MUST. Working your network marketing business today with an 8 track focus will destroy your busiiness over time. It is like working your business without a computer. Now THAT would be hard!

Here is an 8 track tool chest:

Three way calling. Website. Conference calls. CD. Presentation book. Samplles. Fax number and copies. Prospecting sheet to fill out. Brochures. Business cards.

Now...NOTHING wrong with that-if you want to grow your business in slow motion.

Get Social folks. Get hooked up. And get marketing with the New Marketing. What will that do?

1) Increase your possibilities of what you can do in the industry.

2) Open your eyes to a whole new level of working Network Marketing.

3) Increase your REACH in the marketplace.

4) Enlarge your geographical focus.

5) Improve your people skills dramatically.

6) Elevate your Leadership as you grow in the business and social media.

7) Connect you with people that you would NEVER meet otherwise.

8) Multiply your Visibility massively.

9) Open your mind to joining groups and learning from them.

10) Empower you as a real professional.

THAT should help you decide to enroll in the social media zone. Do NOT continue to work your business in slow motion and at a disability.

THROW AWAY the 8 track recorder and tapes and start using the IPOD to rock your business. Social media is the kerosene to a flame that is trying to burn in your MLM and Network Marketing business.

blessings...doug firebaugh

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