Need proper care for treatment of cat hairball symptoms

Sep 12


Jay Moncliff

Jay Moncliff

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Cat Hairball is the most common problem among cats as the cats have rough projections called papillae on their tongue that help her in grooming. But due to this the cat ingests fur that go into stomach or small intestine that causes incomplete blockage and results in cat hairball. After watching the early cat hairball symptoms the cat should be immediately taken care and treated so as to prevent further spreading of the disease as hairball can be treated easily at the early stages by grooming the cat so that the cat ingest less hair.
Hairball Symptoms
Cat hairball symptoms include vomiting and sometimes with vomit fur comes out. If the cat continues vomiting then further diagnosis is required by doing ultrasound. The vet also examines mammary glands for mammary hyperplasia. The abdominal disorders related with cat hairball are pancreatitis, Need proper care for treatment of cat hairball symptoms Articles gastrinoma, steatites and prostatitis. The other symptoms of hairball include not eating well, hiding themselves and numerous small fecal droppings. They even suffer from diarrhea as the food can’t get squeezed from the hairball. Sometimes the disease lead to neuropathy and the cat starts loosing the feeling in certain body parts.

Risk of Hairballs
The risk of hairball is more in longhaired, soft-coated cats like Himalayan and Persian cats. Even some friendly cats love to groom their housemates and this can also cause hairball to them.

Hairball Prevention
The prevention of hairballs is better option than treatment. Firstly prevent the ingestion of fur by the cat by daily brushing her hairs with a slicker brush as the brush is just like the rough tongue of the cat so cat also loves to get brushed by it.

If the fur has been unknowingly ingested by the cat then give intestinal lubricant by mouth twice weekly. Such lubricant makes the fur stick to the stomach and intestinal lining and helps in passing out of the body.


The treatment of hairball includes usage of petroleum-based products that act as lubricant and laxative that help the cat in passing a hairball. Such products can be mixed with cat food or applied on cat paws so that while licking the paw the product goes inside the body.
The cat can also be given product that contains mineral oil like Pounce Hairball treatment that helps in breaking the balls. Some pet food companies manufacture certain kind of cat food that cures hairball symptoms. Even hairball can be prevented through the usage of certain cat foods that’s why saw palmetto is becoming popular among the people worldwide. Sometimes surgery or endoscopy is done to remove the hairball from the cat body.

There are different natural remedies also for the cat hairball symptoms like ayurvedic and massage. One should prevent cat hairball from pet supplies of other pets like dog as the disease rarely spread to them also. One should learn certain common medical issues while keeping a pet so as to identify them and take necessary action at the right time.