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Whether it is a pandemic or post-pandemic,Guest Posting there will always be some users' engagements on social media platforms. In general, celebrities' lives are a bit difficult and they look for a way to stay connected with their fans. Social media platforms are the only way through which celebrities can share their connections with fans. Subscription-based social media platforms have a trend among them. This app is widely used for content creators to post content and earn from them easily. 

Why do you have to build an app like OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is the content-sharing and streaming platform that enables content creators (artists, models, fitness experts, visual artists, journalists, writers, podcasters, and so on) to showcase their skills. Currently, the OnlyFans app has 30million active users with around 450000 content creators. Due to the enormous growth of OnlyFans, entrepreneurs have started to launch the OnlyFans clone app. Even Though there are many content-sharing platforms globally, this app is quite popular among many content creators.

How does it work?

Now, you are clear about the industry scope and app popularity; it is a good time to initiate your app development process. Before that, let's see the workflow of OnlyFans like app.

For app users: 

Step 1 - First, users have to sign up or register with the app by providing the correct details. Alternatively, they can log in to the app using other social media accounts.

Step 2 - They can browse contents that have been categorized in the app. Also, they can search for the creators based on many factors like ratings, experience, pricing, and much more.

Step 3 - Users have to pay subscription charges to subscribe to any content creators via available payment options.

For content creators 

Step 1 - Content creators have to register with the app by creating their profile with their works and achievements.

Step 2 - They can upload their content and it is visible to their subscribers only.

Step 3 - Their followers or subscribers can connect with them using the in-app chat option. They can enable the Pay Per View (PPV) option so that they can earn whenever they chat with their followers/subscribers. 

What are the features included in the OnlyFans like app?

Registration - This feature lets users register with the app and create their profile by including all the necessary information.

Discover - Using this feature, users can search for their favorite content creators. 

Recommendations - Based on the search history, the app will show personalized video recommendations.

In-app scheduler - This feature allows the users to view the available slots of creators and schedule private sessions according to their preferences. It notifies both the creators and users of their upcoming sessions.

In-app chat - Users can communicate with content creators via this feature.

Earnings dashboard - It allows content creators to view their earnings on a monthly or yearly basis. They can analyze their earnings using this dashboard.

What monetization strategies have to follow to earn money?

A few of the commonly followed monetization strategies are mentioned below.

Subscription charges

The content sharing and streaming platform's main goal is to provide income to content creators as they have huge followers or subscribers for their content they upload. 

Premium messaging

Subscribers of the respective content creators have only one-on-one messaging sessions with them. This app uses the Pay per View business model, i.e., users have to pay to connect with the content creators. From this, a part of the payment will reach the content creator and the rest will be for the business owner.

Tipping option

It is the user's choice to tip their favorite content creators during live sessions as a token of appreciation. Meanwhile, the business owner receives some percentage of money as commission.

Final thought

Overall, the need for content creators to showcase their talents has made a fan club website like Onlyfans a huge success. It is a good opportunity for business owners or Entrepreneurs to launch their own app like OnlyFans in a blink of an eye. For this, you can reach an app development company, discuss your business idea, and make revenue out of it.

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