Placing an antique Buddha Statue in Your Home

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Life, as we know, is a struggle for peace. Over the years, people have taken up a bunch of different practices, traditions and beliefs in order to feed their lives with positive energy and find peace

One of those popular trends is called FengShui,Guest Posting something which has been practiced for hundreds of year. But what is the art of FengShui without the quintessential Buddha statue?

For some, FengShui antiques like Buddha statues bring the positive energy or “chi” into their households, for some it is a simple lucky charm, but for some, it is simple a decorative piece. Nonetheless, there are a few protocols associated with placing a Buddha statue in your home.


The primary place for placing antiques such as Buddha statues is the living room, because it brings the positive energy directly inside the house. However, under no circumstances should you place this statue on the ground. Not only is it extremely disrespectful, but it is also very impractical. In most of the native families in Thailand, Buddha statues on placed on small elevated tables or stools, off the ground. Also, make sure that you place the statue in such a direction and place where no one would be pointing with their feet. If you want the positive energy to flow uninterrupted inside your home, then you must place the statue facing your front door, without cramming it with shelves, books or furniture around it. This fights off misfortune and brings good luck inside your house.


Similarly, you should never place your statue in your bathroom, no matter how small, how large or how clean believe your bathroom is. This is also related to the Bodhi tree, under which Buddha attained Enlightenment. Same goes for placing your Buddha statue in a shelf that is already being used for some other purposes in the house, or even the window sill, since it will block the flow of the positive energy inside the house.


If you have a nice garden, you may want to consider placing your antiques there, but make sure that you place the statue on an elevated table, slightly off the ground. Traditionally, Buddha is shown as sitting upon a bloomed lotus. Since it is not possible to have that in your garden, you may want to set up a small circle using small pebbles and place your Buddha statue in the direct middle of the circle. Do not worry about having more than one Buddha statue or related antique artifacts in one single room, because it will do you no harm. In fact, it is a common practice among people in Thailand to have more than one Buddha statue in the same room or even inside the same temple.


One of the most common practices among individuals of faith is to have a separate room dedicated to Buddha. This is considered the calming and peaceful space where not only can you place a number of Buddha statues, Bodhi trees and light incense sticks, but you can calmly meditate here, reminding yourself of the teachings of Buddha after a long and stressful day. You can set up a small and non-extravagant praying temple inside your house, place a silk cloth under the table on which your Buddha statue is perched.

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When it comes to placing Antiques like a Buddha statue inside your home, it is best to do a little research before making a decision, because while it may be an artifact for some of us, for others it is a representation of their culture.

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