Pregnant Women's Sneakers

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There are some announcements when pregnant women choose shoes.
It is very important for pregnant women to wear the shoes which are special for pregnant women during pregnancy,Guest Posting especially three months before the end of pregnancy.
Under normal circumstances, the size and shape of human feet will be a little different in one day, and this change of the soft tissue of human foot is accepted, that means this variation is in the tolerable allowance. However, the decisions of the tolerable allowance relate to the tolerable time, simply put, the shorter the time is, the greater the tolerable allowance is, the longer the time is, the smaller the tolerable allowance is.
Therefore, if you wear shoes eight hours a day, the tolerable allowance of your feet is 3~5 millimeter.
Pregnant women's foot is a complicated condition with many physiological changes, the circumference changes (swelling) of the foot in one day are 10~25 millimeter that is far more than the tolerable allowance of human foot. The changes of pregnant women's foot only relate to the changes of the circumference of the foot. The variation of the length of foot is influenced by the changes of the weight (it means the sitting posture, stance and walking posture). The average variable quantity of sitting posture and standing posture is about 4~7 millimeter, the average variable quantity of standing posture and walking posture is about 3~7 millimeter.
When you choose the size of pregnant women's shoes, several principles should be paid attention to:
The size of the footwear should be decided by the length of the foot, and you must also notice the extension of sitting position, stance and walking posture, the extension is about 10 millimeter longer than the length of the foot.
When you choose the shoes, you should pay attention to the round head, the width and the soft of the material.
When you choose the style of the shoes, you should choose the lace-up or the velcro first, then choose the elastic or the adjustable width.
In the ten months of pregnancy, pregnant women should wear different shoes in the early five months and the late five months, you should wear the shoes which have heel up in the late five months.
The choose of the pregnant women's shoes should also notice the height of the heel, and the ideal height was 15~30 millimeter. Though the flat shoes are agreeable, as the gain of the weight of pregnant women, wearing flat shoes will bring plantar fasciitis and other heel discomfort to women after childbirth.
Finally the material of the soles should be good abrasion resistance and skid resistance.
The above are the points that general women should notice.
The physical condition of pregnant women begins to change when they are pregnant, as the belly are increasing day by day, the weight would be gained. The body's center of gravity will move forward, the burden of the back muscles and feet will aggravate when pregnant women are standing and walking. If pregnant women wear high heels, their body will be instability. Due to the gain of the weight and the burden of the feet, walking or standing will make you feel difficult. Therefore, pregnant women should not wear high heels.

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