Production process flow and deformation procedures of cold drawn steel tube

Aug 27


Marine Lee

Marine Lee

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To develop the production of pipe rolled drawing of the deformation process and procedures in the cold-drawing unit in the pipe, it must be put into operation before the product production process, deformation parameters and processing equipment selection and so there is a clearly defined, as the basis for the organization of production and operation, and this work is the preparation process schedule.

According cold method used, Production process flow and deformation procedures of cold drawn steel tube Articles the process can be divided into pull tab schedule (using cold drawn deformed) and rolling table (using cold deformation) as well as rolling and pull tab (using cold drawing two ways deformation), due to the production of pipe is characterized by cold-drawing process and multi-cycle, but also a lot of variety, in order to produce reasonably and orderly manner, the preparation process schedule is very important. Single cold rolling program. And drawing compared to when the cold-deformed state of stress is good, large deformation passes, which can reduce the intermediate processes and shorten the production cycle, can reduce consumption and lower cost, suitable for processing of plastic tubes and high-alloy steels with poor difficult to deform non-ferrous metals. Its disadvantage is the low productivity, production flexibility is smaller. rolled drawing combined solution. was reasonable solution pipe cold, the cold-drawing combines play production of cold-rolled and cold drawn large deformation flexible The advantage to reduce the process and shorten the production cycle, improve productivity and expand the variety when combined with the use of cold-drawing program, usually on the first tube feeding cold mill to pass a given wall or a fixed wall before then were pulling system, until the finished product passes. single drawing program. pass deformation due to a smaller amount of drawing deformation pass more intermediate processes, long production cycle, metals and auxiliary materials consumption, not a single drawing program optimal solution, but extubation than cold rolling mill machine structure is simple, low investment, operation is easy to grasp, easy to manufacture and replacement tools, production flexibility, productivity is higher. so the use of a single drawing program to process steel, low-alloy steel pipesand tubes are generally non-ferrous metal is widely used in the actual production in the cold pipe production, the tubing size (diameter and wall thickness) determine the deformation passes, finished pipe dimensional accuracy and surface quality in guarantee Under the premise of the quality of the finished pipe close to the finished size of the selection of pipe material as possible. minimum wall thickness of the tube wall thickness of the material should be able to ensure that the finished pipe and tube feeding poor (ie the total amount minus the wall) can eliminate the surface of hot-rolled tubes threaded Road zoned tract and other surface defects, improve uneven wall thickness, in order to obtain dimensional tolerances and surface quality are in line with the requirements of the pipe in the production of cold drawn tubes, cold drawn minimum total amount minus the wall generally take 0.5 ~ 1mm. pair finished tube quality (dimensional accuracy, surface quality) requirements may be high, the total amount of the wall by a large number. can be supplied under the conditions of the diameter of the pipe material is generally larger in diameter than the finished tube 5 ~ 20mm. mainly on account of the amount of reducing minus the amount of the relationship between walls, Tianjin Seamless Steel Tube Plant, which has a certain amount of distortion reduction wall there must be a corresponding reducing the amount, in order to ensure the smooth realization of metal deformation, desulfurization pump mechanical seal.