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How steam is being successfully used in car cleaning and is delivering higher quality of the results than regular car wash ones

The car detailing process involves a careful combination of dusting, deep cleaning, surface rejuvenation, waxing and polishing to give the vehicle a sparkling new look either by hand or by machine. There are two well-known methods of car cleaning in practice today: (1) regular car wash with soap, detergent and water, and (2) steam cleaning.

With the rapid advances in vehicle technology in modern times,Guest Posting the desire to keep vehicles clean and well maintained is also increasing. Before the advent of specialized auto detailing steam machines, the car owners and professional detailers had no choice but to use water along with bio-hazardous chemicals and detergents. With the introduction of steam cleaners in the market in recent years, they have a better choice. Out of the entire pool of car detailing business today, 34% vehicles are being cleaned using steam. Considering the fact that, introduction of steam cleaning technology is no more breaking news in auto detailing services, more and more car owners and professional detailing businesses are resorting to the steam cleaning for effective cleaning.

You can imagine what will happen to the cars that are not cleaned by steam. Despite the growing need of the steam cleaning, many detailers and their customers are still in the age of hand wash detailing. They have minimal knowledge about steam being used for superlative cleaning of the vehicles. They do not even know that the method is cost effective, environment friendly and healthier to use. They also are unaware of the outstanding results the steam detailed vehicles are getting than the regular water wash methods. It could be due to the unwillingness on the part of these customers and some detailers.

That always happens when something new is introduced in the market bettering the previous. It takes time for the humankind until a new idea is firmly rooted in his psyche. A revolution of some sort is generally required to make him accept the change to live easier and happier. The steam detailing services are doing exactly that. In the process, they have turned eco friendly and, therefore, are helping the cause of spreading the message of eco awareness among the general populace for the planetary conservation.

Why steam cleaning is the better choice for professional detailing

The tools and machines used in steam cleaning are specifically designed for professional detailing services and can safely be used on almost all vehicle surfaces like exteriors, glass, wheels and engines. They are inexpensive, delicate and easy to operate. They have moderate pressure level and flow rate as low as 0.5 GPM. Coupled with the power of super-heated steam of up to 300ºF, you get perfect finish. It removes all dirt, mud, oil, grease, soil, bugs, tree sap, tar and lot of other deposits that mar the appearance of the vehicle. The high temperature generated by the steam cleaners also kills health-affecting germs without causing any damage to the interior upholstery, leather and the external beauty of the car. What’s more, you can even use steam to melt ice and snow during the chilly winter months. Furthermore, they do not require hazardous chemicals and large amount of water for thorough detailing. The process actually uses less than a pint of water to clean the entire vehicle and gives it a sparkling new look.

On the other hand, there are drawbacks in conventional washing used by majority of car owners at home and professional detailing services around. They clean the car by hand with water, hazardous chemicals, large quantity of soaps and detergents. Many tools also play active role in the process to blast away harsh grime, stains, dust and solid mud from the car. Some professional detailing services pride on using expensive tools and machinery that actually consume gallons of water and electricity. But issue is that the machines and tools need high-pressure level and use water flow of 2-7 GPM. The process, although effective to a certain degree, can damage painted exterior of the car and results in more wastage of water. That increases possibility of EPA fines. With high flow rates and intolerable pressure level it is not surprising in conventional detailing to see the original look of the vehicle being changed to something undesirable new.

All these problems can be redressed when we use steam cleaning methods when detailing our vehicles. In addition, you help save the Mother Earth from degrading fast. It is being done commendably by eco friendly professional detailing services all over for a while now. No doubt, more and more car owners and detailing enthusiasts are eager to join the party. That is the need of the hour to save the earth’s limited resources for the goodness of all humankind.

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