Pros and Cons of Remote and Integral Multideck Refrigerators

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Multideck refrigerators have become very important to food industry now-a-days. In this article, we will overview it's types and features.

Multi-deck refrigerated cabinets are a need of every food business. They are an excellent choice because they not only provide an excellent storage space,Guest Posting they also help in providing an excellent visual to the customers. They are an excellent tool for attracting a lot of customers. They are used in almost every convenience store, supermarket or big stores.

The multi-deck refrigerated cabinets can be of two different types. They two types are remote multi-decks and the integral multi-deck refrigerators.

Remote multi-deck:

The remote multi-deck refrigeration means that the motor of the refrigeration system is remote to the display. The motor which is also known as the condensing unit of the refrigeration system is mounted outside of the building. It is either presents on the wall or the concrete floor. The refrigerant reaches the refrigeration system through the pipework. The pipework is installed between the systems outside to the display case.

Plug-in or integral multi-deck refrigerators:

The integral multi-deck refrigeration means that motor of the system is built-in. It is mostly located under the base shelf of the refrigerator. In the integral multi-decks, there are no outside parts except the electric supply.

Advantages and disadvantages of remote multi-deck and integral multi-deck refrigeration:


When it comes to the cost of the refrigeration. The remote refrigeration is mostly expensive as compared to the plug-in multi-deck refrigerators. The plug-in refrigerators cannot be installed by yourself, and they need to be installed by professionals.

The heat:

The remote multi-deck refrigerators expel the heat outside the place. The heat emission is outside the premises of the place. The integral refrigerators emit their heat within the premises of the shop. They can sometimes lead to excessive heat, and it will cause the air conditioning to work much harder. This will increase the energy consumption of the place.

The heat emission of the plug-in multi-decks can be a welcome feature in the cold weather. The remote refrigerators produce a cool atmosphere which is suitable for the hot climate.

The noise:

When it comes to the noise, the remote refrigerators produce very little noise inside the premises of the shop because the noise is produced by the condensing unit and the condensing unit of the remote refrigerators is placed outside the shop.

The noise of the plug-in refrigerators comes from the case. As it is placed inside the shop, so there will be some noise issue. The remote refrigerators can lead to the complaints from the customers.

Energy consumption:

Energy consumption is a crucial factor to consider. Remote refrigerators usually consume less energy as compared to the plug-ins. If the remote refrigerators are not installed properly, then they can consume a lot of energy.

Display area:

The integral multi-deck provides a bigger per meter display area.


The life cycle of the remote multi-deck refrigerators is longer as compared to the multideck display fridges. If the plug-ins are maintained properly, they can prove to be very reliable. The maintenance is very important for the durability of the refrigerators.

The multi-deck that you choose should be chosen by considering all of the above-mentioned factors.

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