Real Estate Investing in Cabo San Lucas and even Cerritos Beach is Easier and Safer than you think

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Real Estate Investing in Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding area, like Cerritos Beach and Todos Santos is now easy and safe.  Get the 'inside track' on why it is now legal, safe and financially rewarding to do your real estate investing in this HOT area.

Several myths surround real estate ownership in the Cabo San Lucas area,Guest Posting beach property in places like Cerritos Beach and real estate investing in Mexico in general. One of the biggest myths about owning property in Mexico is that it is impossible for foreigners to own land within 50km of the sea coast or 100km from the border.

Owning land in Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding area is easier than one might think and below is one example of how this is possible. It is a great article by Carol Billups, that describes how Americans or any foreigner for that matter can (and do), own land and property within the Mexican states and the Baja Sur, Cabo San Lucas area.

Real Estate: Trust is Everthing Foreign Investment in Mexican Real Estate with the Fideicomiso of Mexican Bank Trust

“In Los Cabos, foreigners (US and Canadian citizens as well as all others) can buy property as long as they own it in a trust known as a Fideicomiso. This trust, similar to a living trust, exists to hold title to one piece of property. If your property is located within 50 Km from a sea coast or 100 Km from an international border this is the only way in which you can take title. In Los Cabos that pretty much defines all of our real estate. But we're not complaining because not only is the Fideicomiso system safe it offers tax and estate planning advantages. What you need to know are the terms of the trust.”

It explains some of the rules as well as benefits of owning property in this manner. Although a great article on the ‘Fideicomiso’, (Mexican Bank Trust) it fails to show that owning land in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and beautiful beach access property like that in Cerritos Beach is also possible through a Mexican corporation; not unlike the U.S.

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