Registration Forms: How to Make Them Irresistible with Cancellation Policies

Feb 14


Bill Flagg

Bill Flagg

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Attract unsure registrants to register with an irresistible "no risk" cancellation policy. Make it easier for them to buy now because they always have the option to change their minds later. It takes the pressure off and makes it risk-free for registrants to say "Sign me up!"


Be Registrant-Friendly
There are so many events with strict cancellation policies and liability statements that it is refreshing to see an event that is registrant-friendly. Similar to having money-back guarantees,Registration Forms: How to Make Them Irresistible with Cancellation Policies Articles the number of additional registrants attracted by a "no risk" cancellation policy will far outweigh the number of people you may refund.

Liability Statements are a... Liability
Liability statements may reduce your risk, but it's at the cost of valuable registrants. By using such statements, a provider may give prospective registrants the impression that the provider often cancels their events. Otherwise, why would the statement be included in the offer? By planting a seed of doubt in the prospect’s mind, a provider creates uncertainty about whether an event will make it.

Restrictive cancellation policies and liability statements cause prospective registrants to postpone their decision until they are absolutely sure of going. This lack of enrollment can play a part in the cancellation of an event. So use a “no-risk” cancellation policy. Get rid of your liability statements. Enjoy increased attendance at your events.

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