Registration Forms: How to Make Them Irresistible with Extras

Feb 14


Bill Flagg

Bill Flagg

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Attract even more people to your event by giving them something EXTRA for signing up.


Spell out in your marketing materials what your registrants will receive for registering. For example,Registration Forms: How to Make Them Irresistible with Extras Articles state that they will receive a confirmation email with one of these incentives included:

  1. A valuable white paper on the event topic
  2. Copies of recent articles by the speaker(s)
  3. A form to supply questions to the speaker
  4. A registrant list
  5. A link to the recorded event after the event

These extras can be strong influencers on your registrants in making their decision to sign-up for your event. Additionally, by continuing to sell after the sale, you can reduce the likelihood that "buyer’s regret" will cause the registrant to cancel or become a no-show.

How Do I Find Irresistible Extras?
Start by thinking about complimentary content that you may already have at your finger tips. Ask your speakers if they have valuable content that you could use to help increase attendance. Then select the item that offers the most added value to your registrants.

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