Repacorp, Inc. Announces Corporate Management Changes and Facility Expansion.

Jul 4


Tony Heinl

Tony Heinl

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The Ohio Repacorp facility is breaking ground on a 20,000 square foot expansion, as well as making several management changes.


Repacorp,Repacorp, Inc. Announces Corporate Management Changes and Facility Expansion. Articles Inc. announces that Rick Heinl has taken the position of Chief Executive Officer, naming Tony Heinl President of Repacorp, Inc.  Rochelle Heinl has assumed the role of Vice President. Gary Parrott has been promoted to Plant Manager of the Ohio facility, and Joe Courts has replaced Gary Parrott as Manager of Repacorp’s RFID division. On August 3, 2012, Frank Ross, Plant Manager of Repacorp’s Wisconsin facility, will be retiring. Aaron Dumke will be taking Ross’ place as Plant Manager. Tony Perkins will assume the position of Production Manager of the Wisconsin Facility.

Rick Heinl commented, “Tony has worked closely with me for the last 20 years and I feel very confident that Tony will continue to make wise decisions for Repacorp that will benefit our great employees and our wonderful customers. Promoting Tony to President will enable me, as CEO, to spend more time on major projects and long term planning."  Tony Heinl has been with Repacorp since 1988, and has been involved in every aspect of running and growing the company. 

Repacorp is again growing as they have broken ground on a 20,000 square foot expansion of their Ohio facility; bringing it to 73,000 square feet. “This new expansion will provide additional manufacturing space and two new docks for trucks,” said Tony Heinl. “We have a 13-inch Comco Commander  6-color press, a 10-inch Mark Andy  2-color that will be converted into RFID, and a 20-inch Mark Andy 10-color UV Flexo Press ready to be delivered when construction is completed.  The expansion of our Ohio facility is necessary to accommodate new presses and increased sales. Repacorp is seeing growth in all areas of business. I think the increase in RFID and digital business has brought more stock and custom flexo work. We just added a whole line of liner-free direct thermal rolls to our stock program. In the fall, we will be adding a line of stock integrated labels and cards, growing our stock catalog to well over  500 stock items,” said Tony Heinl.

Last year, Repacorp expanded their Wisconsin facility to 71,000 square feet, adding additional presses and capabilities with their acquisition, as well as adding an EFI Jetrion 4900 digital press with inline laser cutting. This year, Repacorp is expanding their Ohio facility, adding 3 additional flexo presses, and looking to add digital capabilities to their Arizona facility by the end of the year. “We purchased our Arizona division for quicker and less costly west coast distribution. It came with screen printing capabilities with which we print our Sky-Scapes product line. Last year, we grew Sky-Scapes to over 200 designs for our Sky-Scapes Distributors,” continued Heinl.

“Repacorp will continue to focus on helping our distributors grow their business by offering new products, capabilities, branded catalogs and sales sheets, branded instant quote module for digital labels and shipping under the distributor’s private brand,” concluded Heinl.