Residual Income: The Income You Never Knew You Had

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If you've been involved in internet marketing for sometime, you probably know by now that focusing some of your efforts on creating residual income will be beneficial for your business.  Whether you are involved in retail, a franchise or affiliate marketing online or offline, having residual income will make a huge difference in your business. 

 This is especially felt if your business offers goods and services that may be maintained on a monthly or yearly basis. So how do you recognize residual income and its sources?Residual income is simply the income that your business generates even after the first process of income production has been completed.  This is a passive form of income,Guest Posting in that there is no need for the business owner to do anything else beyond his initial effort.  To understand how residual income works, let us compare it with more traditional forms of income.  These types of income are often referred to as linear, in that they are often paid as salary, wage or fee.  What makes linear income different from residual income is that they are the result of work performed, with the pay proportional to the amount of labor done.  This is often computed based on a set standard of salaries or fees charged per hour or per piece.The advantage of linear income is that it is measurable and predictable, thus making it easy to compute.  It is also quite reliable, something that the recipient can expect.  However, linear income, while a good source of earnings, is also limited.  Once you stop working or donít deliver quality on your work, you could earn less.The benefits of residual incomeMany internet marketers recognize the advantage of using residual income to increase their earnings.  The major advantage of the residual form of income is its capability to consistently pay over a long period of time.  That means, after the initial effort on your part and after you have completed a task or project, you can continue to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  This is advantageous for you, since instead of working to earn more, you can focus your time and energy into looking at more ways to generate income.  Or if you prefer, you can use your freedom to pursue other interests and projects.  How do I create residual income?At the beginning of your business, consider the type of products and services you offer.  There are certain items that may be used to produce residual income while there are others that will only manage to give you linear income.  If you sell books, for example, income is generated when customers buy.  Beyond that, you no longer receive any income.  You'll have to sell more books in order to keep the income coming.However, to create residual income, you could change a few things.  Instead of selling just books, sell books with a copyright, or ones you have written yourself.   You can allow your buyers to resell the book (usually after editing them for rebranding) and then collect a fee in the process.  With copyrighting, anyone who uses your book or content from your book will have to pay you.You'll see that the initial effort is already done (the writing and publishing of the book) and yet, the income coming from the sale of the product continues.  Taking advantage of residual incomeOne source of residual income will usually suffice for your business, particularly if you have a strong sales activity from your products and services.  However, why stop there?  Consider other forms of residual income that will fit your business.  The more consistent they are, the more you can grow your earnings.

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