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In android app development services, RESTful APIs are referred to as RESTful web services as they implement HTTP protocols and REST principles. There are certain features associated with the RESTful API that make it different.


RESTful android app development services for API Mobile App creation is a need of an hour. Building your mobile app is not difficult when you know these services.

The majority of applications that are out there today connect to the Internet for operating properly. APIs are useful for backend communication.


A Restful API


API is the abbreviation used for “application program interface.” It allows developers to access the application of another party or platform.

In the client server architecture,Guest Posting the client and server both are totally independent of one another. Client is front end of the service whereas server is the back end of the service.

RESTful APIs are cacheable. The client has the capability of storing the responses within a cache. The API has an improved performance. While processing the request transfers are being done, and data does not get stored on the server. The data is stateless that means the session is saved at the client’s end.

It encompasses the resources with HTTP methods and gets represented in a regular XML format. The standard hypertext works for valid Internet media types.

Examples of RESTful API response formats are as follows:






Popular request formats for RESTful APIs listed below:





RESTful APIs are used to enhance the mobile applications that can be distributed over the Internet. The apps become more scalable and it is easier to modify.

With the help of RESTful API, your application will become more portable, reliable, visible, and simplified.

Different types of APIs used with android app development services-

Google, Amazon, and Facebook all provide APIs. It is also possible to get the API from another third party. It is also possible to develop your own API internally.

It is rather an appealing option to build APIs internally. It is important to plan the API properly. Knowing different options for building an API saves the time, money, and headaches in the long run.

LinkedIn is also another popular API interface. It is used by business professionals to network, and it is slightly different from those used by Twitter and Facebook.

An important thing to note is that LinkedIn limits the third party access to its API. It is also restricted to people officially partnered with them. You can find the detailed explanation of how their RESTful API works is given on the LinkedIn developer page and it also explains about implementing the paging parameters.

All the modern APIs of today are friendly for developers and companies treat these APIs the same way as that of a product in opposition to a code. This is because they are intended to be used by the specific target public for example, developers.

Different versions are written as the user can manage the expectations and then perform the regular maintenance. APIs become standardized, and the security and monitoring enhances dramatically. They perform in better way and they are simple to scale, as mentioned before.

In android app development services, API have its own software development life cycle- SDLC in terms of versioning, building, designing, testing, and managing.

Some important guidelines for building out an API

Before starting with the creation of a RESTful API, consider these pointers to take into consideration.

The developers are more familiar and as a result, things run smoothly. You do not want to present your developers to foreign architecture since they might struggle with it. The app and API might suffer.

Four different types of architectural styles might come across at the time of researching the API design:

  1. Event Driven
  2. Pragmatic REST
  3. Hypermedia
  4. Web Service

Hypermedia is used for web apps. These API architectures are flexible and they can be evolved. Most developers are not very familiar with the design.


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