Sales Meeting Ideas: The Secrets To Energize And Amp Up Your Sales Team

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Here are a few sales meeting ideas that will motivate and inspire your sales team to get moving and ready to sell and also find the best way to finish any sales meeting for organizations that counts on their employee experience for finding growth.

Are you a sales manager leading an unenthusiastic sales team?
Are you fighting hard to brainstorm sales meeting ideas that will motivate and inspire your team to get moving and ready to sell?
Now,Guest Posting this is true that every person in sales requires a little “pick-me-up” from time to time.
Hence as a sales manager as you have a lot more power than you can think of, we as one of the vendors of award-winning CRM for small and medium businesses, believe that your sales meetings are the ideal place to take a few minutes on empowering your team.
To begin with, always make your team members feel that they are important by uplifting their spirits during your sales meetings since a little praise and appreciation goes a long way.
For this to take a step further, we as one of the most popular vendors of Salesforce Alternative CRM in the marketplace, recommend that you must start and close each team meetings with something positive, like a kind word you have heard about your brand from a customer and end it with a motivational quote.
Secondly, all champion sales managers know that if you are going to bring all your sales reps together – it better be for a pertinent and important reason. Since, simple status updates about where a particular account or deal is can be easily shared through an email, text, or even a phone call. And the same with information regarding changes to the plans or policies in the company.
Therefore sales team meetings must be a venture where everyone should learn something new, or where inputs are gathered and decisions are taken for enhanced revenue growth.
Now some part of your sales meeting agendas might include, other areas that your sales reps care about, which you can think of as “segments” in your sales meets, since performing these activities do not take a lot of time but on the other hand could add a lot in terms of impact as you will find most of the sales reps will sit and discretely look at their phones (hidden in their lap) and only glance up if they are asked a question directly.
Hence here are a few more sales meeting ideas to inspire an unmotivated sales team:

Pump Up The Volume

As we said even before, people generally come to sales meetings in an awkward and strange kind of silence. Now when they are not on their phone or even focusing on the meeting, chances are there that your sales reps are listening to their favorite music on their headphones.
Hence as a fun activity, you can ask a different team member before each meeting to share their favorite track to find what your team listens to energized and motivated them before they begin their first outreach to customers in the day.
Doing this activity might even help to find your co-worker’s preferences and tastes in a way that makes them feel a little more human.

In The News

Irrespective of what you are selling, there will always be several changes taking place across the industry all the time.
For example, this can include a piece of news about a change in leadership in a major B2B account, or a recent merger and acquisition between two of your customers, or even a shift in macroeconomic trends like a change in overall spending that has been noted by research studies in your field.
In other words, brainstorm about opening your sales meetings with a small overview of the stories that stands out or trends and thereafter discuss what they can mean for your business growth and what your sales teams need to do in terms of approaching their prospects and customers.

We Shall Overcome

We all know being in sales implies hearing objections and sometimes listening to the same ones over and over again.
Now sales meetings are the best arena where you can arm your sales reps with new tactics, and additional information that they can use to persuade their prospective customers to think differently about whatever is preventing them from making a purchase.
Therefore make your sales meeting act like morale-boosters by sharing stories that should be shared in detail with other sales reps in the group.
Additionally, carve out some time in each meeting to convey to your team a sense of progress that their entire organization is making to refine their pitch and value proposition which they use to convert their customers.

Sell Me This Pen

There is a now-famous scene in the movie “The Wolf Of Wall Street”, where the famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s character tests the potential and ability of a potential hire to make a sales pitch for something as trivial as a writing tool.
In fact, there are several companies that even use this tactic in their hiring processes.
However, this could also be a really fun activity to close the meeting with your sales team if you use it in a role-play exercise by finding out volunteers in advance who can act as the customer. Be spontaneous in selecting or when asking for a volunteer to do the pitching.
You can even encourage the others in the team to shout out advice.
Additionally changing what they need to sell can make this exercise interesting apart from considering offering a prize for any outstanding performance (even if that is just buying them a lunch ticket for the next working day).

This Is What I Noticed

In all our business growth training, we often say best managers in any department in an organization not only say “a good job is done” to their staffs, great managers even get specific about their coworker’s actions and behaviors those that demonstrate a true effort to provide value to the organization or their customers.
Therefore, why not end each of your sales meetings with at least a few of these observations, like how a sales rep is using data from the sales CRM to win more deals, or how someone in the team is collaborating with the marketing department or even how a salesperson is building upon some business growth idea they learned in the previous meetings to make a change to their approach to selling.
Now describe these ventures in as much detail as possible and thereafter end the meeting with a sincere thank you, which can be not only the best way to finish any sales meeting but even any employee gathering in an organization that counts on their employee experience for finding growth.

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