SalonBiz Whiteboard Solves Many Problems For Salon Owners

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Employee management and accountability is made easy with SalonBiz Whiteboard. At a glance, you can see who the top performers are based on several different criteria, while employees have access to instant feedback about their work, their schedule and their profits.

Managing and motivating staff is the main focus behind the SalonBiz Whiteboard. Managers know that keeping track of staff,Guest Posting making them accountable and pushing them to reach goals can be a full time job in and of itself. But besides these things, there are still plenty of other tasks that need to be handled. Make things easier with software that takes the guesswork out of employee management, and get access to everything that is going on with an employee with just the touch of a button.

Goals And Performance

In order to make improvements or even maintain a certain quality of work, employees need to set goals. These goals can involve the number of customers coming in weekly, the number of upsells or extra treatments, or even the number of products sold. Using the SalonBiz program, the employee or the manager will be able to enter information about specific goals. Each person can look at his or her own information and find out just how close the goal achievement really is. How many customers should rebook before leaving the shop? Any service provider can see the exact percentage of customers that are coming back. This keeps everyone motivated. There is no guessing or hoping that things are going okay.

The manager can look at all employees on one screen of SalonBiz and see which ones are meeting the goals and which ones are falling short. They are listed in order of performance. Skimming this page gives an instant update on the entire shop. With every new appointment, customer or purchase, the statistics change to provide an up-to-date account instantly.

Schedules And Appointment Book

Whether you offer online booking or not, SalonBiz will show everyone's schedule and list of appointments all in one place. Appointments can be color coordinated to show what type of service is being provided, and throughout the day, this page will update. If someone calls in to make an appointment, there is no need to talk with multiple workers to see who can take care of this person. Right away, the appointment is booked. Workers can mark out their own vacations, breaks, and lunches in order to keep everyone coordinated. At the same time, anyone can come in and make notes beside an appointment that will help a worker provide the best service possible. For example, if a customer calls in and wants help choosing a new hair color, having the notes can help the stylist prepare for the appointment.

Open Communication

There is not always time to communicate important information throughout the day. Things get busy as the shop fills up with customers. SalonBiz Whiteboard provides plenty of opportunities for communication between employees as well as between workers and managers. Everyone knows what is going on at all times, and everyone is kept informed.

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