Six Best Business Expense and Mileage Tracker Apps

Feb 24


Loius Martin

Loius Martin

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The business expenses are a huge mess for modern business. The contemporary market is focused on fiscal earning culture that is mindful and does not waste money. The problem with the ideology is that you will have a massive pile of small expenses that will pile up into a burden on your budget.


That is where a good business expense app comes into play. You need to make sure that you have a proper business expense managing application when you are working as an office manager. Here are the best business expense and mileage tracking apps available in 2020 for you to try out.

Business Expense Tracking App:   

Business expense tracking app mainly focuses on ensuring that the revenue, Six Best Business Expense and Mileage Tracker Apps Articles expenses, cash, debts, bills, mileage for business trips, and other financial information are all stored in one software designed to manage the economic identity of your business.

The apps allow you to work your tax return processes effortlessly as it incorporates the latest tax codes and provides you with all tax-related information without any need for research. The expense documentation in these apps is also helpful when you are getting an IRS audit.

As it keeps all the tax receipts online and allows you to present a thorough and complete expense report to the IRS.

The apps also allow you to gain the tax returns from your employees quickly as they also have a simple process of logging all of their expenses regarding business into the apps.

Here are the best business expense tracking apps that are available in the market this year. These apps will help you get the results you need in terms of financial belt-tightening and responsible spending habits.

BizXpense Tracker:

The application is ideal for the small business owners and entrepreneurs as it will let you add in expenses on the road. But it does not sync with any other application or software, and the result is that you have to export the data yourself. A useful feature is the currency conversion that allows the user to calculate the currency factor easily and on the go.

As all modern trade requires extensive currency conversions, it is an important feature of the app.

You can add your mileage by adding your location and the destination, and the app will insert the travelexpense accordingly. It will also have a built-in time tracking option that will allow you to add time that the workers are spending on a project. So that the hours worked can be easily tracked and calibrated in the long run.

Concur Mobile

If you have a not so small business, then SAP Concur is your ideal app. The app is designed to help considerably expanded business conduct their business actively and effectively. The app is a proud product of a highly respected business solutions brand SAP. It allows you to book itineraries and manage them accordingly.

Managers can track all the expenses that their team is doing as the app works online and connects with a larger platform. It allows workers to manage invoices, travel expenses, and track mileage automatically.

The app allows the creation and submission of the expense reports as well that managers can submit to their superiors on the go. The application provides approval of the invoices and expense reports as well so that all the permissions are done online and quickly without much hassle.  The app can be used to book hotels and flights as well.


Want to go more sophisticated? Try the AI-driven Expensify. It is a futuristic app where you take a picture of your receipt, and the AI will take out all the essential details. Now, the app will add the expenses in the expense report, and your work is done. It will turn the expense reports into PDF, and you can make as many expense reports as you like!.

The credit cards that you use for business dealings can be synced with the expense report so that the expenses always registered in the expense report. The mileage records are also kept and can be added to the expense reports. The application is ideal for sophisticated businesses that are committed to controlling their bottom line by managing their expenses effectively.

Mileage Log

If you are running fleet management-related or a travel-focused business, then this is the perfect application for you. The app will only focus on the mileage logs and is not suitable for overall business expense reports.

But it has a comprehensive system for tracking gas mileage and has a reliable GPS to corroborate the travels. In sales and other similar ventures, employee accountability for the mileages they have put in is a problem.

This app will solve the issue as you can track the mileage in real time. It is a highly effective solution to controlling the travel expenses of the company and also for drawing out broader patterns that need to be modified and improved.


So this brings us to My EasyFi expense tracking app; a simple personal use Expense Tracking Software app that is also a great addition for small business owners.

Small business owners have limited funds and a massive amount of expenses to manage. The app will allow you to make sure that you are spending within your budget and will show you the bigger picture of how your financing are impacting debt management, long term financing and other similar factors. Great app to keep the big picture in mind.

Smart Receipts:

Open source and cheap alternative to Expensify that you can use. The app will scan the receipt and generate an expense report that you can export as a PDF or CVS in the long run.

These are the best expense report generating apps that are available online.

The main focus of these apps is to simplify the expense management system that is hard to manage on paper for even a small business.

Check out these apps and share your experience with us in the comment section.