Some Great Tips for Bulk Candy and How to Sell It

Jul 6


Terry Keenan

Terry Keenan

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Bulk candy is popular in almost every kind of establishment. But business owners don't always know how to display and sell it. Here are some great tips to help you get going with your bulk candy sales.


Some Great Tips for Bulk Candy and How to Sell It

People love bulk candy and there are several time-tested ways for a candy seller to get it out of the bins and into people's homes. So how can you make wholesale bulk candy work for your establishment? Here are some tips to help your business benefit by selling these popular bulk treats.

  1. Offer a variety. A candy seller won't go wrong with old bulk candy favorites, things like M&Ms,Some Great Tips for Bulk Candy and How to Sell It Articles malted milk balls, and gummi bears. But have some newer candies too, like Reese's Pieces, gummi worms, and Jordan Almonds. Have sugar free treats for your diabetic customers.

  1. Keep the candy covered. A lot of people are turned off by bulk candy because they're afraid of airborne germs, children's hands, and things going stale. Buying bins with hinged lids, though, will stave off some of those concerns. Hinged bins close automatically, and they also make it harder for someone to sneak out of the store with a handful of candy in their front pocket.

  1. Acrylic bins make the candy easier for the customer to see. Forget glass; acrylic and plastic bins are where it's at. They're easier to clean, easier to maintain, and don't break easily. Even better, acrylic and plastic bins are see-through, making it possible for your customers to get a better look at the delicious treats within. From bulk chocolates to bulk Jelly Bellys and bulk gummi candies, customer can see everything your selling when you put it in an acrylic bin.

  1. Kids are customers too! Don't forget that kids are the best (and most vocal) customers you have. Avoid fixtures that only adults can use. Tongs and scoops shouldn't be too awkward for children, and sacks should open easily. Kids love tasty wholesale bulk candy and a candy seller who makes kids feel welcome will have customers for life.

  1. Use color to sell. There are lots of attractive ways to display your bulk candy, but here's a good one: by color. Arrange bins like a rainbow, with red hots on the left, sugared orange slices next, through to purple and violet M&Ms. Or consider seasonal displays, like bins of red, white, and blue for July Fourth, or team colors during the Super Bowl. Remember that part of the allure of retail bulk candy is the overall impression the display makes. When you're arranging candy bins, put some thought into the visual impression your display will make.

Don't forget that when it comes to selling candy in bulk, your best bet is to offer many choices and a variety of taste sensations, all attractively displayed. There are many candy wholesale options; you should be able to offer your customers a wide variety of delicious choices.