Stainless Steel Application in Construction Engineering

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The early application of stainless steel in the field of construction began in the 1930s

Such as the Savoy Grand Hotel in 1929,Guest Posting which should be decorated with stainless steel pipe for ceiling and walls, still in a beautiful appearance for seventy years of land and environmental pollution, Built in 1930, the United States Chrysler Building, a large number of stainless steel roof and surface decoration, has only been washed twice, it stands in the New York buildings in the glittering. With the economic growth and improvement of people's living standards, stainless steel has a good overall performance and durable, beautiful, long life, cost-effective advantages have been widely known from the gorgeous hotel, commercial buildings, sports venues, churches, municipal facilities and bridges, tunnels and other public facilities to the residential; from the decoration, roof, reinforced concrete, urban water supply projects to residential dwellers, baths, stainless steel applications more and more widely.

1) Decoration works in the application. In addition to the wall, outside the cylinder, automatic retractable door, shutter doors, ladder fence handrails, balcony handrails, rain water pipes, flagpoles, road poles, arcade frame, in the residential kitchen kitchen table, sink, Increasing the number of applications, decorative engineering applications of steel grades to 304, 316 also have applications.
2) Roof applications. The early construction of stainless steel roofs is the Savoy Hotel in London, the Eurostar train station, the Chrysler building in New York, the Empire State Building, the Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers in Asia in the 1990s, the Jinmao Tower in Shanghai, Hong Kong's exhibition center, in 2002 for the world soccer new Japan Sapporo City dome stadium roof have been used.
3) The application of reinforced concrete. In the reinforced concrete structure, stainless steel bars are used to improve the strength and resistance to harsh marine environments and the formation of chloride in concrete corrosion of embedded steel, corrosion-resistant stainless steel concrete in many marine buildings of the bridge (such as the United States CoosBay bridge to meet the strength of corrosion resistance and seismic requirements, maintenance-free life of up to 120 years), piers, docks, piles, embankment, mooring system, the Department of rigs, gangway, railings can also be used in the chemical industry and other corrosion resistance requirements of the important process equipment used in the infrastructure, in the city's infrastructure, such as the United States, New Jersey bridge overpass also use stainless steel reinforced concrete structure, compared with ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel pre-cost is higher, but from its good overall performance and service life is still considered cost-effective.
4) Application in water supply engineering. With the rapid economic development, the improvement of people's living standards, urban housing, public buildings and tourism facilities to build a large number of living water and hot water supply to update the requirements of water quality issues of concern, water supply works as a common pipe galvanized steel pipe because of its easy to be corroded, the emergence of "red water", "green water" phenomenon is difficult to improve water quality, but also because of leakage of more short life and the experts are expected to gradually withdraw from the stage of history, and plastic pipe. In the safe and reliable, health and environmental protection, economic and durable as stainless steel is more superior, domestic and international engineering practice proved that stainless steel is the best water supply system in the overall performance, the best water quality and environmental protection to ensure that the pipe. Thin-walled stainless steel pipe due to high strength, good toughness, no brittle under low temperature, thermal expansion coefficient is small, impermeable and durable, non-toxic non-toxic pollution, cost-effective, recycling rate of up to 100% engineering has been more and more applications. Japan has been in the building inside and outside the promotion of stainless steel water supply pipe has been 25 years of history, Tokyo water supply pipe after a comprehensive stainless steel to ensure clean water quality, greatly reducing the maintenance rate and leakage, saving water, after the Hanshin earthquake intact. Singapore legislation requires urban water supply must use stainless steel pipeline, the United States, Britain, France have the standard stainless steel pipe developed countries in the water supply, water treatment projects in the increasingly common use of stainless steel.

In addition, in the bridge, municipal construction of the street bridge, awning, corridor and other construction projects in the use of stainless steel structure is also more and more.

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Stainless Steel Application in Construction Engineering

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