Studio Apartments in Greater Noida

Jan 9


Earth Infra

Earth Infra

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Earth Studios offers 1 and 2 BHK studio apartments infused with elegance and luxury, located at Yamuna Expressway. It is well connected and located at Tech Zone, Greater Noida.


Studio apartment is emerging as the new trendsetting concept which is taken from the foreign real estate market and has become very popular in India. Such apartments can be availed for multipurpose use and utilized for both-commercial and residential purposes. These apartments are very convenient as their focus is on efficient use of space and delivering huge spaces without any partition for any room or kitchen. Such apartments are very convenient as they provide the expanded space to the buyers assimilated with modular kitchens and washrooms.

Such apartments enjoy very high tenancy rate and are much cheaper as compared to other options both commercial and residential. These apartments are very worthwhile in comparison with 1BHK and can be availed for any purpose. According to the reports,Studio Apartments in Greater Noida Articles studio apartment attracts 60% of the end users while in other segments this percentage is very low. As the demand of such apartments is very high in comparison with its supply, they are generating high rental income, property appreciation and providing very high value business tenants. Since it can be sold faster than any other option, therefore the real estate investors generally book two or three units at one time instead of booking 2 or 3BHK apartments.

IT professionals are the main target group who are more focused towards such apartments and aged between 30-35 age groups. They can buy apartments in their office area to minimize the timing and cost involved in transportation as they spend most of the time at work. Such homes are very affordable and people can easily sell it off when moving to another city as its demand is very high in comparison with 1BHK or 2BHK apartments. Its stamp duty and registration charges are also very low as per the low prices of the apartments.

Top realty players like DLF, JP Group, Wave Infratech, Paras Buildtech, Eldeco, Assotech Realty have already brought studio apartments in many of their projects and these apartments have emerged as smart economical investment for the end users. Studio apartments have largely impacted in Delhi NCR and the NCR has many infrastructure facilities through which a large number of markets can be accommodated, few of such facilities are either functioning or under construction are like Adventure Park, IT Park, the F1 international racing circuit, Yamuna expressway, FNG Corridor, the proposed cricket stadium and the proposed 102 hectare night safari.

Earth Group has brought studio apartments in two of its projects, Earth TechOne and Earth Titanium, and both are situated on different locations of Yamuna Expressway. Earth Studios offers 1 and 2 BHK studio apartments infused with stylishness and indulgence, located at Yamuna Expressway. It is well connected and located at Tech Zone, Greater Noida. Earth Studio apartment are the perfect place to compliment & support stylish living and infused with elegance & luxury; and it is the one of the very wonderful investment option. Earth studio apartments are much cheap and Earth Studios' 12%* commitment amount per annum also make it a wonderful investment opportunity.