Tactics for Your Core Marketing Strength

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Learn to identify your core marketing strength and create a marketing action plan that encompasses your competencies, and you'll be well on your way to successfully and enjoyably marketing your small business.

Pretty well every marketing strategy or tactic that exists can fall under one of these three areas: writing,Guest Posting speaking and networking.

Most of us usually have a clear "winner" in terms of which activity we enjoy doing the best or know the most about.

I call this your core marketing strength and I think it's important for you to figure out where your expertise lies. In this way, you can get started implementing marketing activities right away and actually enjoy them more because you can do them faster and easier.

I've outlined the most common (and effective) beginner and advanced marketing strategies under each of the 3 areas of writing, speaking and networking:

Beginner marketing tactics for writing include:

* write articles and submit to online submission sites

* write articles and post to your website

* have a blog

* write an ezine

* write press releases and news releases

* create autoresponders and email campaigns

Advanced marketing tactics for writing:

* write articles for industry and association publications (print and online)

* write ebooks

* write a book for publication

* write info products

* do guest blog posts

--> I do Resource Nation

* offer articles to strategic alliance partners and affiliates

* write a column for a newspaper or magazine or an online site

* write a newsletter

* write and send out direct marketing pieces

Beginner marketing tactics for speaking are:

* give free talks - professional organizations, community groups, service clubs, networking groups, small businesses

* do teleseminars/teleclasses

* do podcasts

* do an audio ezine

Advanced marketing tactics for speaking:

* give media interviews - radio, TV, newspaper, magazine

* host workshops and seminars

* be a guest speaker at conferences

* develop an audio program

* host an interactive webinar

Beginner marketing tactics for networking include:

* participate in social media such as Facebook, My Space, YouTube

* participate in internet discussion lists, forums and blogs

* join a networking group and breakfast clubs

* join local Chamber of Commerce or Board of Trade

Advanced marketing tactics for networking:

* join and/or create affiliate programs

* host a club, association or special interest group

* serve on committees and Boards

* attend professional organization/association meetings

* create strategic alliances and joint ventures

Once you've got some of your basic marketing tactics running smoothly as part of your marketing framework, you can start adding other tactics. You can include more advanced strategies that are based on your core marketing strength or you can start implementing tactics from either one or both of the other marketing areas.

By identifying your core marketing strength and creating a marketing action plan that encompasses your competencies, you'll be well on your way to successfully and enjoyably marketing your small business.

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