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Are you a leader of men (and women)? At least, do you believe that you have ... ... Do you WANT to be a leader, or a ... you want to be a "'great' leader of men", here are a few

Are you a leader of men (and women)? At least,Guest Posting do you
believe that you have leadership potential? Do you WANT
to be a leader, or a follower?

If you want to be a "'great' leader of men", here are a few
thoughts on the qualities needed. When we think of the
word leader, we usually immediately think of the concept
of POWER. Your great passion might be to become a leader.
It will certainly give you power - not within yourself
necessarily, but over others. (Do you have a "Napoleon
complex" - to lead "for it's own sake", perhaps?). To be a
leader, first you must really WANT to. A great DESIRE is
the key here. You must be really "hungry" for the position
and pursue leadership with great determination - with all
the means at your disposal. That is, using all your powers,
qualities (see below) and potential. With a strong DESIRE
you will, as long as you have the following personal
leadership qualities:

1. Unwavering courage.

2. Self control.

3. Always keeping a sense of justice (and fairness) towards

4. Definiteness of decisions.

5. Definiteness of plans (purpose).
A leader then works their plan by putting it into ACTION.

6. Leaders have a habit of doing more than they are paid for.
Effort and sacrifice gets them to a position of authority in
the first place.

7. A pleasing personality. People LIKE the people they follow...
and will do anything for great inspiring leaders (even to death).

8. Empathy, sympathy and understanding. As the Spanish (and
my dear mother) would say, "being 'sympatico'" towards other
people, by taking their feelings into consideration. This is
the difference between "thinkers" and "feelers". Thinkers are
logical, analytical types, who usually do well in business.
Feelers, like me, are far more emotional and creative people
("unbalanced" perhaps?). What type of person are you?

9. Mastery of detail. I'm hopeless on that one. I'm a "grand
picture person", who has no idea of the number of bolts
needed to build my bridge. I would never walk on it after
finishing it anyway!

10. Willingness to assume full responsibility for one's
decisions - no matter what may go wrong!

11. Co-operation (full) with others in seeing one's plans,
the grand vision come to fruition.

12. Leaders are PASSIONATE people. Eliminating options will
help you find your passion, your niche in life by initially
pointing you in the right direction. I've been using the
process of elimination for years and years and I'm slowly
getting there. At least I think so!

If you don't know your passion, knowing what you don't want is
a step in the right direction. I've worked out, that I don't
really want to be a "leader" - preferring "to do my own thing"
in writing books, that will "reach out, touch and hopefully
even inspire" others. That is "me" and what I believe to
be my "calling in life".


So after reading all that, you still want to become a leader.
Good! You're a brave person who will go far; because, I believe,
there is a definite lack of "quality inspirational leadership"
in today's societies - throughout the world!

Whether you want to be a follower...or a leader...

Just be YOU and be happy

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