The Secret to Getting Your Everyday Papers Organized

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You have a constant influx of incoming papers, learn how to file them without forgetting about them!

You would like to use your kitchen table again if you could find it under all that paper.  Paper stacks up everywhere.  The real problem is when we go looking for those important papers,Guest Posting like bills and reservation confirmation we are at a loss as to where to start!


Having one place to keep important information or quick reference materials is key, whether you have a business or not.  Take a few minutes to read this article I prepared for you and then let’s get your Action Files set up today!


This simple organizing solution will be to clean the papers off the top of your desk and kitchen counters to improve your home and business organizing!


It has been my experience that most people are very visual.  This means we file things away in drawers we forget about them.  That is why all of those papers start collecting on your counters to begin with, on some level you know this, and you can’t forget about these things!



You are going to create a hanging file to keep on your desktop, I call these my fingertip files.  These are files you need to take action on. You can think of them as your “hot” files.


The good news is you only need a small container to hold these files so you can choose something decorative that you really love.  Nothing like adding to the décor with a super functional container!


When the mail comes in you are going to sort it right away into the correct folders.  No more stacks of mail to deal with “later”. What should you label your folders?  There are a few good folders for everyone to have, but remember you can add to these if you need to.  The important thing is that your Action Folders work for you.


Bills to pay is, unfortunately, a folder we all need.  Filing any paper bills you receive into this folder guarantees that they don’t get shuffled under something and forgotten.  If you have a business you may want to have two folders. One for personal expenses and one for business organizing.


A waiting for or pending folder is a good idea.  This is where you would put information for that rebate you have been waiting to receive for the last 90 days!  If you are waiting for someone to return a message and have paperwork associated with the call, this is where it would go.


*A Quick Tip: If you are waiting for something really important cross reference this with your electronic calendar.


A travel folder is a must.  This is where you keep your paper backup of your hotel reservations, plane tickets, and other plans.  While almost everything can be carried conveniently on our smart phones it has still come in handy to have those confirmations printed up and packed …just in case.  Print them out and tuck them in the folder while planning and it is not extra work at all!


A to-discuss folder comes next.  If you have important people in your life-like the bookkeeper or your significant other- this folder is a good idea.  As the name implies this is where you put things you need to discuss with someone else!


A quick reference folder is good to have also.  Do you have information that you want to keep on hand?  For me this includes documents I will reference on my training calls.  Your documents may vary depending on your personal or business needs.


Keep this container neat and organized.  Clear project folders are a great way to eliminate paperclips.  They keep your projects corralled and easily contain different sized pieces of paper.  And they can be reused!


Your home and business organizing will be much better cared for once you set up your action folders!  Remember you set up similar folders for your email inbox!


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