The ways by which a good quality shirt can be easily spotted

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People often make a common mistake while buying an outfit for a special occasion which is to forget that the shirt is equally important as a suit. They even presume that if they have got the right suit for them, then any kind of shirt would be okay with it.

The logic behind choosing the perfect outfit is to give importance to the whole package,Guest Posting may it be the suit or the shirt. Investing in a shirt which would complement and enhance your look is extremely important. There are several factors that you need to look after while choosing the best suited quality shirt for you.

  1. Check the fabric properly- Different fabrics are used for making a shirt. Among all cotton shirts tends to be the preferred choice, as it is breathable, durable and easy to take care of. Good quality cotton shirts are supposed to use two fold or twisted cotton, which is a fabric that not only is strong but keeps its shapes intact and lasts for years. Check if the shirt has silk-like feel and are the collar and cuffs made of hundred percent cotton lining.
  2. See the collar’s uniformity and quality- Check that the collar is uniformly shaped and is not weak as this would destroy the whole aesthetic of the shirt. Even very high quality shirts adorn removable collar bones that allow a sharp look to the collars. The un-fused collars on the shirts prevents them from looking flat.
  3. Good shirts have split back yoke- The panel of fabric just below the back of the collar is called a yoke. You must look for a split back yoke shirt because this is the best made ones. The low quality, ill-fitted shirts generally have a single piece panel of the yoke fabric. Though the tailoring of the split back yoke is much time consuming and expensive, but the wonderful fitting is worth all that pain.
  4. Look for good stitching- The stitching quality needs to be of decent quality and consistent throughout the shirt. You must take a proper look at the stitching and if you find any loose thread, just go for an alternative. Generally the shirt collars and cuffs are stitched with nearly ten stitches per inch but a good quality shirt will have around fifteen stitches per inch. This gives the shirt a better look and profound longevity. Also see if the shirt has extra stitches on the sleeves and side seams so that the fabric don’t split easily.
  5. The buttons should be well fastened- The proper fastening of the buttons is absolutely important, even more than the material they are made of. If the button on the shirt is attached using a Lockstitch machine accurately that you would not need to take the trouble of sewing the spare button.
  6. Finally, check the overall design- While choosing a stripped or checked shirt you must be sure about the design to flow on the full shirt uniformly. The pattern should match at all the seams. Even the shape, fitting and the tail of the shirt must be checked to get your desired quality shirt online and in physical stores.

So as a perfect shirt makes for an essential asset to your suit, you must indulge in the right ways to choose the best one for this very reason.

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